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[We have a great library, and it's going to get even better]
Treasures at the Carnegie Library of PittsburghI've sat in this Director's chair only a few months too short a time to have charted a detailed course for the Library's journey into the new millennium, and yet long enough to be excited about the trip.
In so many ways, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is a treasure for our city and our region. As the premier Carnegie Library in the country, our collection of rare and unique books and photographs is stunning. Our Music Collection ranks among the country's best. Our Business Services Department acts as an economic development anchor in downtown Pittsburgh and a center for cultural programs, business information, career services, academics, and much more. Through our extensive programs for children and adults, our neighborhood presence through 18 branches, and our growing ability to harness technology to improve the way patrons access and exchange information, we perform a vital service to our community and the greater region. But even more, we provide the means to improve people's quality of life to help them understand and appreciate and tap into culture, history, literature, as well as all the marvels of our current information age. You can read about the achievements in the complete 1998 annual report, which is available to the public at every library location.
  Herb Elish, Director of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Our staff of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals is the key that unlocks this vast storehouse each day, opening doors to a wealth of information and services. Gladys Maharam, our Deputy Director who served as Interim Director for much of 1998, deserves special recognition for her skilled guidance during the transition this past year. Indeed we're good. But we're determined to get better. Too many people don't know what we have to offer. Too many opportunities can't be seized because we lack resources. We're determined to get better. And we can, with the support of the funding community and everyone who realizes that investing in a better library system leads to a more educated and sophisticated population, which is more attractive to business and industry, whose presence fosters economic development and growth. It's an investment of immeasurable returns, and one that I'm excited about leading.
Our Libraries offer more than you ever imagined more programs, more services, but especially, more potential.
I invite you to come into the Library and grow with us.
Herb Elish Signature
Herb Elish, Director