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FAQ - Branches
Capital Improvement Projects - Library Renovation Projects

How did you determine our library's construction budget?

The budget is based on bringing the neighborhood location up to a standard level of comfort, safety and accessibility. The cost to accomplish this depends on the age of the building and size of the building.

When our capital improvement program is completed, every Carnegie Library neighborhood location will have new furnishings, fixtures, lighting, air conditioning and be accessible for all members of the community.

Will you be closed during construction?

Yes. Our goal is to complete the renovations on an aggressive construction schedule. Phasing the project would add additional costs and reduce the scope and quality of the project.

Will you have a temporary facility for our neighborhood location during construction?

No. We will be working to provide our customers with programs and outreach in the neighborhoods. Carnegie Library has 18 different neighborhood locations throughout the City of Pittsburgh and most are located along Port Authority Transit (PAT) routes. Ask our staff for directions, maps or a bus schedule.

How will you provide library service during construction?

We've developed a service delivery method to make sure you can still attend library programs, get books or talk with a librarian. Our presence in the neighborhoods will continue through neighborhood programs, story times, book talks, book clubs and library programs.

Information about where to find a library program or other library-related information will be available on our web site and posted regularly at the branch undergoing renovation. Please stop by and see the work we are doing!

How long will construction take?

The construction time line will depend on the extent of the work. Once architectural drawings and contractors have been secured, we will set a schedule. We will continue to keep you posted through meetings and notices of our progress.

Where can I find information about the progress of my branch's renovation?

Renovation information updates will be available on the CLP website at under "Capital Improvements." You can also find information at your neighborhood location.

Will I be able to provide input and ideas about the project?

Yes. Community meetings are ongoing in the locations under renovation. Everyone is invited to attend, so please check with your local library about when the next meeting is scheduled. You can also access our web site under "Capital Improvements" to view the current projects and provide comments and suggestions.

"We love this building." You are not planning to change it, are you?

We are gathering input at several community meetings. Changes to the building will be made as part of a community-based process.

Creating flexible and accessible space for programs, technology and materials may require us to change the building. We have hired some of Pittsburgh's most talented architects to work with the community in the design process to create an appealing environment.

How did you choose our branch? Or, when will the other branches be renovated?

The first branches chosen for renovation using the funds from the proceeds of a bond issue (Brookline, Homewood, Squirrel Hill and Woods Run) are those branches in our system with the highest percentages of use by Allegheny County residents who live outside of Pittsburgh. Support for the bond issue, including the allocation of $1 million of operating funds to debt service, came from the Allegheny Regional Asset District. ARAD is the Library's biggest funding source, providing 60% of operating funds, and is committed to providing services to all residents of Allegheny County. It was on this basis that the libraries listed above were chosen.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Foundation plans to begin a Capital Campaign in Fall 2002. Funds raised will be used, in part, to renovate the remaining libraries in the CLP system.

How can we help you raise additional funds for our neighborhood library?

Questions regarding fundraising or charitable giving may be directed to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Foundation at 412-622-6276.

What will happen to our librarians and the staff that work at our branch?

Many of the staff will continue to provide programming services to the library service area. You should be able to find your local library staff at schools, senior centers or community centers. Some staff will be temporarily reassigned to other Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations for the duration of the project.

Are you considering green and sustainable building practice?

Each project will undergo a review during all phases of design to maximize the opportunities to incorporate green and sustainable elements into the design. Some projects may pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Each of the project design teams has significant experience in green and sustainable design practices.

CLP will work very hard to make certain that the buildings are designed to operate as efficiently as possible.

More information about LEED certification.

Will you employ neighborhood residents? Local contractors?

Due to the anticipated size and scope of the CLP projects, there are excellent opportunities for the local contracting community. Bidding opportunities will be advertised in local trade publications and other vehicles for notification.

Employment opportunities will be listed in the CLP Human Resources offices, CareerLink and your local neighborhood employment centers.

Do you have an MBE/WBE Plan in place?

Yes, if you would like a copy or more information, please contact Darla J. Cravotta at 412.622.8821.

Where will our (specialized) collections be stored? Will we be able to access our collections during construction?

You will be able to borrow materials from other libraries to fill requests. Our collections will be warehoused in a safe, dry environment. We will not be able to access "your" collections during construction, but we will be able to fill your requests.

Who can we contact for alternative services during the library renovation? Or, to have someone visit our community organization?

You can call 412.622.8821 to request a speaker for your program, or a visit from one of our staff.

Where will my favorite program be held now that the library is closed?

Look for your favorite children's program, club or book group to be held at a neighborhood location near you. We will post programs and locations that will occur outside of the library every month, in addition to posting the locations on our website, and in our Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Event Calendar.

How can I help to spread the word about the importance of libraries to communities like mine?

We encourage you to bring a friend or 3 to each of the community meetings to join us in thinking about how to make the library a place for everyone. You can also join the local Friends group or volunteer.

Does my branch need volunteer help before, during and after the renovation?

Yes. CLP has a wonderful volunteer program. You can contact your branch manager for more information or call 412.578.2640.

Where should I drop off library materials while my branch is being renovated?

You can drop your books off at any Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location or any library location in Allegheny County.

Will there be a grand opening celebration/rededication for my branch after the renovation is completed?

Yes! We will have a grand re-opening celebration for all the newly remodeled libraries. Everyone will be invited!

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