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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Community Planning
May 18, 2006 - 6:00 pm

Welcome & Introductions

Why we are here – The New Library! Jane Dayton, Assistant Director
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh & Neighborhood Library Revitalization
  • What’s a Library Program
  • Overview of April 25 Meeting

  • Library site – Centre & Kirkpatrick Rob Pfaffmann, Pfaffmann & Associates
  • New library site opportunities and challenges

  • Question: What Do you Expect in Your New Library?

    Please share with us what type of library programs are important to you, talk about how you use the library, and imagine a new library and what it may offer you, your friends, neighborhoods, family and community

    The next opportunity to provide input to Carnegie Library is at the Hill Collaborative Meeting, tomorrow, May 19 at 10 AM – Hill House.

    Please stop by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Hill and get your kids, grandkids and friends involved! The library is hosting a movie for teens on June 1 then afterwards, a discussion about a new library. Children are encouraged to draw pictures of what they think the new library may look like. Those are being collected and put in an album. Another chance to give us your ideas on the new library in the Hill!

    Contact Information

  • Joyce Broadus, Manager, CLP – Hill - 412.281.3759
  • Darla Cravotta, Community Relations – 412.622.8821
  • Mary Monaghan, Neighborhood Libraries – 412.237.1891
  • Jane Dayton, CLP Assistant Director – 412.622.8877
  •   More information about our Hill District location