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Planning Recap to Date
December 2003

The Squirrel Hill library is among the first of our neighborhood locations to be completely renovated. This community-driven planning process includes a series of public meetings to engage Squirrel Hill residents and library users in creating a more spacious, accessible, state-of-the- art library that will better meet the changing needs of the community.

Possible Project Highlights

  • Expansion of the library that includes an additional 7,000 square feet of programming space that will include expanded collections, a new teen area, a business center and a larger children's area.
  • Drive up book drop in parking garage
  • Addition of an elevator at the Forbes Avenue entrance
  • Prominent glass enclosed staircase on the Forbes Avenue entrance
  • Possible glass enclosed entrance way from parking garage to Forbes Avenue
  • Conversion of outside concrete deck to secure green space/patio area that is accessible through the library
  • Self check areas for customer convenience

April 10 2002 - Community meeting with DesignGroup, professional library programmers. The community and library users were asked what they liked about the library and what they would make better about the library.

April 2002 - July 2002 - DesignGroup meets with manager of CLP-Squirrel Hill and staff of CLP- Squirrel Hill to discuss book collections and customer needs. These meetings result in an outstanding library program that will meet the needs of the library users.

July 24, 2002 - Community meeting with DesignGroup to discuss the bubble diagram, a conceptual design of how the book collections and different areas "fit" into the building. Attendees discussed the children's area, the addition of a "teen area" and areas for special collections and meeting space.

July 2002 - Present - Architects, Lubetz & Associates continue to meet semi-weekly with CLP-Squirrel Hill manager and other CLP staff to discuss how to "fit" the program designed for the library into a design.

September 26, 2002 - Architects, Lubetz & Associates lead a discussion with the community regarding conceptual designs of the entrance on Forbes Avenue. Folks who attended the meeting felt the library needed to maintain 2 entrances. The elevator will be installed on Forbes Avenue and the stairs/entrance along Forbes will be "opened up".

November 4, 2002 - Met with Squirrel Hill Business Association to present planning process and discuss issues and concerns.

January 14, 2003 - Met with Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition to discuss planning process and receive feedback and questions.

March 3, 2003 - Squirrel Hill Business Association, Carnegie Library and Art Lubetz discussed the possibility of an enclosed entranceway from the garage to Forbes Avenue.

March 10, 2003 - Marlborough Street, Murray Avenue and Forbes Avenue residents invited to discuss possible changes to the building that include the addition of 7,000 square feet of space.

March 11, 2003 - Presented library update to board members of the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition.

April 2, 2003 - Residents and library users met with Architect Art Lubetz to discuss various changes to the building including the new outside elevator.

May 28, 2003 - Architect Art Lubetz and his staff presented the conceptual drawings to a crowd of library users that included the new outside space, the roof configuration, the perimeter of the building and general location of library functions.

December 17, 2003 - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh presents final design plans for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Squirrel Hill.

Library closed on February 7, 2004 and construction begins March 2004. Look for us to reopen sometime late 2004!

Contact Information:

Owners Representative, Craig Dunham - 412.622.5568
Community Outreach, Darla Cravotta - 412.622.8821
Architect, Art Lubetz - 412.682.2121 or www.lubetz.com

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