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Squirrel Hill Virtual Tour

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Squirrel Hill Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is building a better library
for its customers. As we embarked on our sixth Capital
Improvement project, our goal was to create a Library
that would serve as a reflection of the community and
would be uniquely accessible and welcoming for each
community member.

Glass Cube Entrance
Look What We’ve Done!
If you didn’t know there was a library in Squirrel Hill, you
can’t miss us now! With community input we transformed
the Library into a prominent feature of Forbes Avenue,
complete with a 30-foot glass cube marking the main
entrance into the Library. Stenciled quotations individually
selected by librarians add detail to the entrance and
welcome you into the library.

Expanded Floor Space
Modern & Accessible!
ADA-improvements throughout the Library including
a glass elevator and ramped access make browsing
a hassle-free experience for each visitor.

The library has expanded floor space and added
to our modern look by replacing the underutilized
limestone terrace with a beautiful blue-green glass
wall and full-length window bench. Sit, relax, and view
the heart of Squirrel Hill’s bustling business district.

Library’s Open Atmosphere
Book Browsing Has Never Been So Fun!
Here at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Squirrel Hill, our
diverse collections are accessibly housed on one level. Our
creative architects did not stop with the outer building
layout. When you enter the Library, take a moment to look
around and you will see that many of our bookshelves are
on wheels. What’s more – there are no walls! These new
features have only added to the Library’s open, airy
atmosphere, and give the Library added flexibility.

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