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Woods Run Virtual Tour

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Woods Run Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is proud of the renovations to our Woods Run location. It is our goal to provide a welcoming, reliable and convenient community resource. One method of achieving that goal is the addition of large windows that transform the library's exterior and infuse the library with sunlight.

Children's Area
A Family Haven
Woods Run is a place where people of all ages can interact and find something that suits their needs. The addition of designated Teen and Children's areas encourage new generations to become interested in the Library. Families can feel free to settle in for an afternoon of reading and relaxation.

Using the Wireless Internet Access
No Strings Attached!
CLP - Woods Run is excited to offer free wireless internet access. Bring your laptop to help with research or use one of our ten wireless desktop PCs. Either way, you'll still have access to our trusted and reliable databases.

Conference Room
Make Yourself Comfortable
Towards the back of our library, you'll find our conference room. Customers can spread books out on our tables or curl up in a satellite chair with a good book.

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