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Focus From Business Owner

Hello (Name),

I am (calling/writing) to express my support for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and to encourage you to support the Library by funding its services.

Carnegie Library is a major driver for my business and an important part of our regionís economy. Recent reports in the newspaper prove what I already know; people who come to the Library spend money, which in turn supports many of the local businesses in the surrounding area. As a small business owner, I see firsthand the economic impact the Library has in the region. The recent economic impact study suggests that the average visitor to the Library spends between $7.05 and $9.54 per visit at neighboring businesses, resulting in $9.8 million to $15.6 million pumped into local businesses annually. Itís obvious that supporting the Library will create a domino effect in local businesses

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is also a wealth of business resources. Small business owners know we will always find reliable information and solid guidance at the Library. I can take a class educating owners of a start-up business, learn how to write a grant proposal, find information about tax laws, and access free business databases that would otherwise cost me hundreds of dollars in subscriptions. The Library helps me to make a better life for myself.

While many might think otherwise, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was not endowed by Andrew Carnegie. I recently discovered that the Library is a public trust. Mr. Carnegie believed that libraries were a way for communities to show their commitment to democracy. Funding from the (State/County/City) is critical to keeping the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh strong and accessible.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your plans to support our Library. I can be reached at (phone), (address) or (email).

Thank you.