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Focus on Economic Impact

Hello (Name),

I am (calling/writing) to express my support for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and to encourage you to support the Library by funding its services.

After seeing the results of the recent economic impact study done for Carnegie Library, Iíve come to realize how much our Library gives back to the community and how important it is for the Library to receive continued support. My family and I think that the Library is one of the most important assets we have in the region. The numbers speak for themselves. Carnegie Library is a wonderful return on investment: it gives a rate of return of more than $6 for each dollar provided by public sources. The total community impact is $132 million. And it provides 726 total jobs each year. That sort of success is something to really applaud and support.

The Library has also responded to the new twenty-first century demands placed on it, including government policies such as those that encourage people to file their tax returns and unemployment online. As you know, technological changes like these have led people to rely on the Library as a free and invaluable resource now more than ever before.

While many would think otherwise, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was not endowed by Andrew Carnegie. I recently discovered that the Library is a public trust. Mr. Carnegie believed that libraries were a way for communities to show their commitment to democracy. Funding from the (State/ County/City) is critical to keeping Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh strong and accessible. I know Iím not alone in feeling this way; more than half of the residents of the City of Pittsburgh and nearly one out of every five Allegheny County residents are Library cardholders.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your plans to support our Library. I can be reached at (phone), (address) or (email).

Thank you.