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Focus on Renovations

Hello (Name), I am (calling/writing) to express my support for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and to encourage you to support the Library by funding its services

As you may be aware, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has undergone major renovations recently and has invested significantly to assure that it can continue to meet the needs of our community. Libraries play an increasingly important role in our region, and we are in need of longer business hours at our main Library, as well as the branches in our communities. These renovations revitalize both the buildings and the surrounding neighborhoods as well. Renovations give technological access to people who might not otherwise have such an opportunity. But these important renovations cannot be done without financial support.

Renovations to libraries also have a direct economic impact on the local economy through employment. During renovations, the Library supports 900 jobs. When renovations are completed on the main and branch libraries, the Library system can be expected to support more 726 total jobs annually. This is just one reason why renovations should be supported by further funding. New facilities bring even more customers of the Library and in turn stimulate further economic growth.

While many might think otherwise, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was not endowed by Andrew Carnegie and does not receive support from the Carnegie Museum. I recently discovered that the Library is a public trust. Mr. Carnegie believed that libraries were a way for communities to show their commitment to democracy. Funding from the (State/County/City) is critical to keeping the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh strong and accessible.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your plans to support our Library. I can be reached at (phone), (address) or (email). Thank you.