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Focus on Youth

Hello (Name), I am (calling/writing) to express my support for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and to encourage you to support the Library by fully funding its services.

I recently came across an interesting statistic; 67% of residents in the City of Pittsburgh ages 13-24 have Library cards. Although this might surprise some, I’ve seen the effect the Library has on young people’s lives. While after-school activities are often hard to find in our communities, the Library consistently provides a safe, educational and entertaining environment for kids. “Dance Dance Revolution” tournaments, video game competitions, homework help, arts and crafts, and game nights all keep young people entertained and safe. The Summer Reading Program also motivates children to continue reading during the summer, which makes them more prepared for school in the fall. Carnegie Library helps to foster both an interest in reading and a healthy imagination.

While many would think otherwise, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was not endowed by Andrew Carnegie and does not receive support from the Carnegie Museum. I recently discovered that the Library is a public trust. Mr. Carnegie believed that libraries were a way for communities to show their commitment to democracy. Funding from the (State/County/City) is critical to keeping the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh strong and accessible.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your plans to support our Library. I can be reached at (phone), (address) or (email). Thank you.