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CybraryN Policy Statement

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and all libraries in Allegheny County have installed CybraryN software on public access computers. CybraryN helps customers with valid library cards to sign onto computers and automatically times their sessions. This means that customers can use the computers independently, unless they ask for staff help, and that all customers get the same amount of time to use computers. Having the software also allows library staff more time to spend helping other customers find the information they need, whether it be in a book or an online database.

Each library location has determined the number and length of computer sessions necessary to best serve its customers. Some locations offer time extensions if no one else is waiting. Please ask a staff member for more information.

All computer users must comply with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Internet Safety and Use Policy .

A valid library card is required to use library computers. Any resident of Allegheny County is eligible to receive a library card. Library cards are non-transferable, meaning that only the registered card-holder may use the card to access the computers. Using another person's library card may result in the temporary suspension of computer privileges.

Library cards must have less than $10.00 in fees to use computers. Customers with more than $10.00 in fees may be given a one-day guest pass if they pay at least 10% of their total fees. A receipt is required to get a guest pass.

Customers who live outside of Allegheny County and use Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh regularly may apply for a non-resident library card. Guest passes for computer access may be given to visitors who reside outside of Allegheny County. Identification may be required to receive a guest pass. Guest passes are intended to be for a single use only.

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