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I Can Connect to the World

At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, it's easy and convenient to connect to just about every world that interests you! Connect to the world you know well - your family, friends, neighborhood, school or place of work. With high speed Internet and wireless access, the Library lets people connect both for work and play.
"When I was looking for a new job, I was able to submit my applications online. That was important because that's what many employers want these days, but we don't have the Internet at home. I like being able to email family and friends, too. Plus, it's relaxing just to explore-I found a blog the other day that I really liked a lot. I also use it to find directions to my son's soccer games, to help my other son complete forms for college — I even renewed my car registration online."
Connect to the world of information, which these days is so vast that you might not know where to start. The Library (and especially our librarians!) can direct you quickly to a wide variety of helpful resources and databases on just about any subject you need.
"When my 7th grader had a school project, the librarian was great. She helped my daughter find the most current information and some facts that most people wouldn't know. The librarian even showed her how she could access the Library's web site to do some of the research from our home computer. Now I use the Library's web site as well, to search for books and information myself. I can also do things like renew books through the Library's site."
Connect to the world of ideas and new perspectives. At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, you can choose from traditional materials as well as books and audio recordings that you can download to better understand our world, past and present. In addition, we host programs, lectures and other events where you can connect with people of your own age or with similar interests!
"My friends at school wouldn't believe me when I told them all the things I could do at the library, especially videogaming and YouTube swaps. They had to see it for themselves, and now we all go together after school."
We'd like to hear how you connect to the world through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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