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We Can Grow Together

You and your child can grow together at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh with materials and programs developed especially for this cherished time of your lives!

Learn about your child’s growth and stages of development in the Library’s Parent Teacher section. While your baby is very young, create priceless memories by coming to the Library where you can play together and talk with other parents. As your child grows, the children’s librarians can help you find age-appropriate books.
"My son was almost 14 months old and hardly talking at all. The pediatrician wasn’t overly concerned, but it worried me. I went to the Library to find out as much as I could. My librarian helped me sort through a lot of information. I finally decided there probably wasn’t a problem after all. He’s three now and a total chatterbox! And the librarian is always ready to recommend a book that’s just right for his age."
The Library’s storytimes are another great way for you and your child to grow together in the shared pleasure of hearing timeless stories.
"I have a daughter who’s five and a son who’s three, and I’ve been bringing them to the Library’s storytimes since they were infants. We loved the lapsit programs. We’d repeat the rhymes and stories over and over once we got back home. As they’ve grown, our storytimes have become more precious, because I know before long they’ll be off to new adventures at school."
During the Summer Reading Program, you and your child can read books together, learn new crafts and have fun reading all summer. Each year’s theme is specially chosen for its broad appeal, and several incentives are built in to keep interest high.
"Friends tell me they can’t get their kids to read in the summer. With our kids enrolled in the Library’s Summer Reading Program, we don’t have that problem! The activities are fun, and the whole program is very relaxed. But it does give them incentives to keep reading once school is out. And I do think it helps when they go back to school in September."
If you work and can’t be with your child in the day, you can still grow together in their love of reading. Every time Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s librarians visit a day care center they send home flyers with booklists, songs and fingerplays so you can share in the fun, too.
“The other evening, I saw the sweetest thing. A father had picked up his son from the same day care my grandson attends. They were sitting on a nearby park bench waiting for mom I guess, and there they were, singing a little song and doing some kind of fingerplay at the same time. My grandson said they had learned it that day from the visiting librarian."
We’d like to hear how you and your child grow together at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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