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I Can Open Doors

You can open new doors to a world of opportunity at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh!

Open new career doors when your job situation changes. Carnegie Library has a Job and Career Education Center (JCEC) that can help you figure out how to start over after being downsized or explore an entirely new career.
"When I was 43 years old my position was “outsourced.” The staff at the Library’s JCEC showed me how to get the latest employment forecasts for my type of work. I realized that I could get downsized some place else, so I decided to switch professions."
Open new doors to a successful financial future by starting your own business or managing your retirement nest egg. The Library’s Downtown & Business location has the resources to guide you on everything from writing a business plan to making wise investments.
"Before I retired from my job downtown, I knew I wanted to start a part-time business to support my retirement income. Every day for a quite a few weeks, I stopped by the Downtown Library on my lunch hour to research the market, see what kind of money I’d need and so forth. They helped me cover all the bases of starting my business, so now I’m living comfortably in my retirement and doing what I’ve always loved."
You can open doors to a “greener” lifestyle. Learn to reduce pollution and protect the environment as you explore the latest information on fuel-efficient cars, organic gardening, reducing utility bills and recycling old electronics.
"My daughter has asthma, and I knew I had to do my part to try to improve the overall air quality in our city. The librarian showed me where to get practical tips on things I can do every day that will make a difference for my daughter and my fellow Pittsburghers."
Open the door to volunteer opportunities. Library staff can show you how to match your personal interests and skills with an organization that will certainly appreciate your time and dedication.
"I started noticing some changes in my neighborhood that worried me. I never thought of myself as a community activist, but that’s what I became. Before meeting with local business leaders and politicians, I did my “homework” and researched the issues at my neighborhood Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. That way I sounded knowledgeable and was a very credible voice for our community."
The Library can also open the door to new skills and new perspectives. Every day you can read a classic piece of literature, indulge your passion for crafts by learning new ones such as jewelry making or speaking a completely different language like Japanese.

We’d like to hear how you open doors to new life experiences through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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