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I Can Share my Point of View

You can share your point of view with friends, family and other adults through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s special programs just for teens.

Share the stories you loved as a child and all they meant to you by taking part in the Tell A Tale Theater for younger children.
"I can remember when I was little and my dad read me “Guess How Much I Love You” every night. It always made me feel so safe and loved. When I had the chance to do a story for Tell A Tale Theater, I picked that book right away because I wanted those kids to experience the same awesome feelings I got every time I heard that story."
Share your opinions about new books you’ve read by writing book recommendations and posting them to the Library’s blog. Or get together with friends your own age in a book discussion group.
"Because I’m a teenager, a lot of times it seems that nobody cares what I think. That’s why I really like the Library’s blog. I can talk about how I feel about a book and recommend it (or not!) and people will listen. Plus, I like reading what other teens have to say about books they’ve read."
By participating in the Teen Advisory Council, you can share your point of view by making suggestions for programs and the Library’s collection of material, now and in the future.
"It’s cool to be on the Library’s Teen Advisory Council. We talk about the kind of books, games and CDs we’d like and the programs that would be fun to have at the Library. And the Library staff hears the kinds of things teenagers like us really want and need from our neighborhood branches."
We’d like to hear how you share your point of view through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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