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I Can Set A New Tone

Set a new tone and let your creativity soar thanks to the Music Department and arts collections at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Find a new rhythm in the vast assortment of printed music, play-along CDs, CDs, videos and DVDs. Or log on to the Music Department Web page for streaming music. The librarians are musicians, too, so they can quickly help you find what you want.
"As a musician, I was feeling flat and uninspired. Then I discovered Carnegie Library’s Music Department. Who knew the Library has so much more than books?! The librarian guided me to African field recordings, and a new version of my favorite trumpet concerto. Talk about variety! I found the inspiration to take my music in new directions."
Interpret the world through a camera lens. Or express your creative side with words. The photography section can guide you in choosing subjects, techniques and perspective that will make your pictures lasting treasures. The Library’s International Poetry Collection takes poetry readers and writers around the world.
"Sometimes you read poetry and think you understand it. But when I listened to a poet reading her works on a CD from the Library, I realized that I missed a whole level of meaning! Now I try to listen to as much poetry as I read. The Library has a great collection of both books and CDs."
Explore and discover new art forms and media. Draw inspiration from a virtual tour of the Louvre on DVD, read a book about Frank Lloyd Wright or practice how to become a cartoon artist.

Appreciate the human drama that unfolds on the stage. Choose modern plays or Shakespeare from the Library’s extensive reading collection, or watch them on DVD. Or expand your understanding of dance through books and DVDs.
"Watching famous ballet and modern dancers on a DVD from the Library inspires me to work harder in dance class. Even more inspirational is reading their biographies—it helps to know they went through the same struggles I’m dealing with."
We’d like to hear how you set a new tone for your creative side through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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