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I Can Understand My Friends

You can understand different cultures through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s rich collection of multicultural materials.

When language is a barrier, take part in a foreign language storytime for children or a foreign language conversation group for adults.
"I noticed that my kindergartner had quite a few children in his class for whom English was a second language. My husband and I thought it was important for him to understand and learn about his classmates. We were very happy to learn about the Library’s foreign language storytimes. Now, he gets to hear stories told in other languages and learn how our stories are often very much the same."
Learn about people from all over the world through the Library’s collection of books, music, audio and film that portray people from many cultures, races and faiths. Appreciate that your friends are just like you even when they don’t look like you.
"There’s a woman who rides my bus who always wears traditional garb. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t dress the same as the rest of us. I happened to be in the Library one day and it occurred to me to ask the librarian about it. Now after researching it a bit, I understand the reasons for why she dresses as she does."
Introduce a homesick friend to the Library’s books in foreign languages.
"My friend’s mother is so happy to be in America, but she still loves reading anything in Italian, her native language. She was ecstatic to find books for herself written in Italian at the Library. What’s more fun is we borrowed children’s books in Italian for her to read to me so I can now learn Italian, too!"
We’d like to hear how you are able to understand your friends through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Tell us your story!

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