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New and Featured African American Fiction

Celebrate Black History Month by exploring recent titles that represent the variety of contemporary African American experience.

Book Cover Baker, Kevin
Strivers Row
A chance encounter with Malcolm X forces Jonah to confront his demons.
Book Cover Cooper, J. California
Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns
Short stories about dreams and desires deferred.
Book Cover Hoyte, Kirsten
Black Marks
Georgette navigates multiple social worlds and cultural identities as she searches for a meaningful life.
Book Cover Hunter, Angel
Sister Girls
Four friends band together to celebrate the good times, and help each other through life's rough spots.
Book Cover Joseph, Dwayne S.
Choices Men Make
Three couples learn the ins and outs of love through the choices they make.
Book Cover Lamar, Jake
Ghosts of Saint-Michel
Marva Dobbs becomes involved with a man who may or may not be responsible for a bombing in Paris.
Book Cover Michaels, Cherlyn
First Fridays
Naja takes the first step toward starting her own business by joining the First Fridays club.
Book Cover Nelscott, Kris
Days of Rage
A Smokey Dalton mystery set in Chicago, 1969.
Book Cover Thomas, Michael
Man Gone Down
A construction worker struggles to support his family and resist various temptations.
Book Cover Woods, Paula L.
Strange Bedfellows
Charlotte Justice challenges the LAPD, and herself, while solving a cold case.

Updated: 1/24/2007