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Urban Teen Fiction

Read about teens living life the hard way.

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Tyrell Booth, Coe
Tyrell lives with his spaced-out mother and little brother in a homeless shelter and just needs money to get them out. Will he end up in jail, like his father?
Romiette and Julio Draper, Sharon M.
Romiette and Julio
Like Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers, Romiette Cappelle and Julio Montague face strong opposition to their budding romance. In their case, a dangerous gang's disapproval of their interracial relationship puts the two in mortal peril.
Keesha's House Frost, Helen
Keesha's House
Seven teenagers try to hold their lives together despite serious difficulties.
Bronx Masquerade Grimes, Nikki
Bronx Masquerade
A group of high school students use creative writing to express themselves and in the process learn a lot about who they really are.
Standing Against the Wind Jones, Traci L.
Standing Against the Wind
Patrice isn't used to her new Chicago neighborhood and wants to escape the drugs and the gangs... but her options are limited since her mother's in jail.
Brother Hood McDonald, Janet
Brother Hood
Nate Whitely's life at a prestigious prep school in upstate New York takes him far from his Harlem home, but not so far as to sever the strong bond he has to his neighborhood. But complications from one life keep intruding on the other.
Spellbound McDonald, Janet
Raven Jefferson is a fifteen-year old high school dropout on welfare living with her mother and infant son in the projects of Brooklyn. When her sister encourages her to enter a spelling bee whose prize is a college scholarship, Raven rises to the challenge
Autobiography of My Dead Brother Myers, Walter Dean
Autobiography of My Dead Brother
As Jesse fills his sketchbook with pictures of his best friend Rise, he realizes that Rise is becoming someone he doesn't know anymore.
Push Sapphire
For Precious Jones, sixteen and pregnant with her father's child, miraculous hope appears when a courageous, determined teacher inspires her to learn to read.
Emako Blue Woods, Brenda
Emako Blue
Emako Blue, a girl from South Central L.A., is destined to be a star -- until everything changes in one horrific instant.

List updated by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- Teen Staff, February 2007.