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Novel Appraisals: Fiction about Antiques and Collectibles

Check out this limited edition series of rare and unusual books about the urge to buy, sell, collect, and evaluate objects.

Book Cover: The Great Indoors Durrant, Sabine
The Great Indoors
A woman who prefers collecting objects to actual companionship is stymied by the romantic attentions of two very different men.
Book Cover Grace, Innis
Stained Glass Window
A restoration project, a one-hundred-year-old journal, and an unsolved mystery help heal a marriage in this inspirational tale.
Book Cover Hill, Sam
Buzz Riff
The search for a Civil War-era flag leads a broke businessman on an extremely wild goose chase.
Book Cover Jenkins, Emyl
Stealing With Style
An appraiser known for her skill and discretion is called in when valuable items start turning up in unexpected places.
Book Cover Medwed, Mameve
How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life
When a woman's chamber pot turns out to be a valuable antique, there's no stopping the surprising life changes that follow.
Book Cover Morgan, Deborah
The Majolica Murders
A retired FBI agent with an eye for antiques is unwittingly dragged into a murder investigation.
Book Cover Smith, B.J.
Busted Flush
An unhappy realtor inherits a treasure trove of Civil War memorabilia that catapults him to celebrity on the antiques circuit.

Updated: 2/24/2007