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Chick Lit That Rocks

Looking for something fast and fun to read, but with some extra substance? Check out these books about strong women who overcome difficulties and learn something about life, love and themselves in the process.

Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author.

Getting Over It
Anna Maxted
Helen's life is pretty mediocre: she doesn't have her dream job, her dream car or her dream man. But she's getting by, until she receives a phone call saying her father has suddenly died of a massive heart attack. Helen thinks she's okay with it - they were never close, after all - but when her mediocre life starts to fall apart, she realizes that getting over it might not be as easy as it seems.

Marian Keyes
What would you do if your seemingly perfect life turned out to rather less than perfect? That's what happens to Claire when, while in the hospital giving birth to their first baby, her husband arrives to inform her that he's leaving her. Suddenly, Claire is a single mother without anywhere to go - so she goes back home to her family. There she learns to deal with her new life, and discovers that maybe it's not as awful as she though.

Jemima J
Jane Green
Jemima Jones has always been overweight and ignored. When she discovers internet dating, she sees an opportunity to become who she always wanted to be: thin, beautiful, athletic. Eventually, however, the unavoidable day comes when Brad wants her to come to California to meet and Jemima must become the person she pretended to be. But is being thin really all it's cracked up to be?

In Her Shoes
Jennifer Weiner
Unless you're an only child, you'll be able to relate to the plight of Rose Feller, a 30-year-old, slightly plump attorney. When her picture perfect but very flaky little sister gets evicted and moves in with Rose, her life takes a turn for the worse. The two women have nothing in common except their shoe size and a shared family tragedy. But maybe they have more in common then they thought…

Laura Zigman
Elise is engaged to Donald. They are both NYC transplants to DC, and bonded over to absurdities of life in our nations capitol. All is well and good, until Donald's ex, Adrienne, moves to town. The battle that ensues between Elise and Adrienne will ring true with anyone who's ever experienced any sort of jealousy…although you have to wonder if anyone besides Elise knows a battle's going on.

The Nanny Diaries
Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Written by a couple of former nannies, The Nanny Diaries tells of the horrors being a Manhattan nanny: underpaid, under-appreciated, raising someone else's kid - sounds like fun, eh?

A Clean Slate
Laura Caldwell
What would you do if you woke up one morning and realized that five months of your life was missing? Find out what Kelly McGraw does in this situation in Clean Slate.

Mr. Maybe
Jane Green
Libby always assumed that she wouldn't be happy in love until she met Mr. Rich - oops, I meant Mr. Right. That's why she never considered her fling with Nick serious. When Libby meets Ed, one of the richest men in London, she falls head over heels in love with him. Or does she?

Rachel's Holiday
Marian Keyes
Rachel loves a good time. Unfortunately, her idea of a good time always includes lots and lots of alcohol. When her loving family hustles her home to Ireland and checks her into a rehabilitation clinic, Rachel envisions a world of great food and spa treatments. What she finds instead is lots of group therapy, and a new understanding of herself.

Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
Helen Fielding
This new book by Helen Fielding, often considered the original author of contemporary chick lit, is a silly and intriguing story about a wildly imaginative woman who finds herself drawn into a web of mystery.