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Chick Lit That Bites

Vamp it up with these paranormal romances!

Book Cover Acosta, Marta
Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
While trying to make connections in the literary world, Milagro finds herself swept up in the affairs of a snobbish vampire clan.
Book Cover Davidson, MaryJanice
Undead and Unwed
Betsy Taylor finds out that not only is she Queen of the Vampires, she's been buried in cheap shoes. The horror!
Book Cover Hallaway, Tate
Tall, Dark and Dead
Carnet's got her hands full running a bookstore. She doesn't need a vampire lover, too. Or does she?
Book Cover MacAlister, Katie
Even Vampires Get the Blues
Half-elf Samantha, a private investigator, agrees to help a vampire save his mother's soul by finding a lost relic.
Book Cover Raye, Kimberly
Dead End Dating
Determined to be different from her clan, vivacious vampire Lil starts a dating service for the undead.

Updated: 1/9/07