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Chinese-American Fiction

Past and present, youth and old age mix in these novels by Chinese Americans.

Book Cover Chao, Patricia
Monkey King
A woman emerges from suicidal depression and is immersed in the beauty of life.
Book Cover Chiu, Christina
Troublemaker and Other Saints
Contemporary concerns embedded in deep Chinese family traditions constitute these eleven related stories.
Book Cover Jen, Gish
The Love Wife
An interracial marriage and multi-racial family are augmented when an unfamiliar ancestor nanny comes to live with them. Each character takes turns narrating this story to create an overheard-conversation-feel to this read.
Book Cover Jen, Gish
Typical American
Together, three accidental Americans create their own version of the American dream complete with fast-food, suburbs and adultery.
Book Cover Namioka, Lensey
This teen fiction title addresses the assimilation of a Chinese-American family moving to northwestern suburbia where folks tend to ask "Chinese, Japanese, what's the difference?" and how two young people overcome the crisis of cultural vs. personal identity.
Book Cover Ng, Mei
Eating Chinese Food Naked
A debut novel of the mother-and-daughter genre that tells the coming-of-age story of coming to grips with one's family and with one's sexuality.
Book Cover Wang, Ping
The Last Communist Virgin
A collection of stories from a Shanghai-born novelist set in China and the United States, all interconnected and all trailing the life of a 21st century Chinese immigrant.
Book Cover Rosten, Carrie
Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)
A Jewish-Chinese-Valley-Girl contribution to chick lit and teen fiction.
Book Cover Tan, Amy
The Joy Luck Club
Four women gather for over three decades for storytelling, many games of mah jong, stock investing and friendship.
Book Cover Yang, Gene Luen
American Born Chinese
A focus on non-white characters is rare in the graphic novels genre. Explore issues of self-image, cultural identity, transformation, and self-acceptance with this award-winning graphic storyteller.

Updated: 4/27/2007