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A Dash of Suspense: Ten Culinary Mysteries

Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author.

    Elisabeth Bastion
    No Just Desserts
    Lucy Anderson has a great new job on the culinary scene, but the murder of her test-kitchen supervisor adds "murder investigator" to her daily to-do list.

    Diane Mott Davidson
    The Cereal Murders
    Goldy Bear's latest catering assignment, a special dinner at the Elk Park Preparatory School, draws her into a murder investigation.

    Nora DeLoach
    Mama Stalks the Past
    Mama, who is the toast of South Carolina's culinary world, delves into long-buried family secrets to solve a crime.

    G.A. McKevett
    Death by Chocolate
    Who would want to kill the Queen of Chocolate? Savannah Reid steps up to solve the mystery.

    Tamar Myers
    The Crepes of Wrath
    Magdalena Yoder investigates the murder of Hernia, Pennsylvania's worst cook while trying to keep the guests of PennDutch Inn happy and entertained.

    Katherine Hall Page
    The Body in the Bonfire
    Caterer Faith Fairchild masquerades as a cooking instructor to solve a mystery at a private school.

    Nancy Pickard
    The 27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders
    Eugenia Potter is unwittingly drawn into a murder investigation when her signature recipe becomes a murder weapon.

    Phyllis C. Richman
    The Butter Did It
    The pen is still mightier than the sword, as proved by restaurant critic Chas Wheatley while investigating the murder of a chef in Washington D.C.

    Lou Jane Temple
    Red Beans and Vice
    Heaven Lee and the Sisters of the Holy Trinity are drawn into a murder investigation when Heaven is accused of killing the spouse of an old friend.