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What’s hot? What’s new in fiction and non-fiction? Where are the latest titles by your favorite authors? How about that James Patterson novel everyone is talking about? The Bestseller Collection, located front and center on the First Floor, has all of the above and more. Multiple copies available. Check it!

Fiction Bestsellers

In alphabetical order by the author's last name:


Book Cover for Stone Cold Baldacci, David
Stone Cold
This time out the Camel Club members are trying to protect a thief from a madman and themselves from an assassin.
Book Cover for The Whole Truth Baldacci, David
The Whole Truth
A defense contractor, a journalist and an agent provocateur attempt to move and shake their way to the top.
Book Cover for Winter Study Barr, Nevada
Winter Study
A park ranger and a couple of scientists are thrown to the wolves.
Book Cover for The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted Berg, Elizabeth
The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted
In this collection of stories, women must learn to cope with the stress and distress of contemporary life.
Book Cover for he Venetian Betrayal Berry, Steve
The Venetian Betrayal
A crazed Supreme Minister of the new Central Asian Federation, a global conspiracy of arson, a magic potion, and Alexander the Great's grave---gotta be enough to make U.S. Agent Cotton Malone's head spin.
Book Cover for Away Bloom, Amy
Away: A Novel
After surviving a Russian pogrom, a young mother searches for her missing daughter.
Book Cover for Skeletons at the Feast Bohjalian, Chris
Skeletons at the Feast
As the Second World War winds down, German refugees flee from the marauding Russian Army.
Book Cover for The Heir Bradford, Barbara Taylor
The Heir
In the second book of Bradford's Ravenscar trilogy, Edward Deravenel has turned the family business into an empire. He has also made a number of enemies, including his own brother.
Book Cover for People of the Book Brooks, Geraldine
People of the Book
A Pulitzer Prize winning author traces the path of an ancient Jewish text through the sometimes caring, sometimes indifferent, hands of history.
Book Cover for Oueen of Babble in the Big City Cabot, Meg
Oueen of Babble in the Big City
A group of young, educated women overcomplicate their lives.
Book Cover for Heartsick Cain, Chelsea
An "in the joint" serial killer known as the "Beauty Killer" is persuaded to help track an "on the loose" serial killer "No Nickname" currently operating in Portland, Oregon.
Book Cover for Three Shirt Deal Cannell, Stephen J.
Three Shirt Deal
While reviewing the murder conviction of a small-time crook, Detective Shane Scully uncovers a big-time conspiracy.
Book Cover for Zapped Clark, Carol Higgins
In the summer of 2003, New York City's blackout turns out a procession of ne'er-do-wells.
Book Cover for Where Are You Now? Clark, Mary Higgins
Where Are You Now?
A young lawyer faces untold danger while searching for her missing brother.
Book Cover for Seen It All And Done The Rest Cleage, Pearl
Seen It All And Done The Rest
A displaced entertainer finds that you can go home again.
Book Cover for Hold Tight Coben, Harlan
Hold Tight
A mother and father try to reach and protect their emotionally detached teenage son.
Book Cover for Critical Cook, Robin
A dangerous rise in untreatable staph infections brings New York City medical examiner, Laurie Montgomery, into the mix.
Book Cover for Book of the Dead Cornwell, Patricia
Book of the Dead
Dr. Kay Scarpetta attempts to connect the discovered body of an anonymous boy in South Carolina to the murder of a tennis star in Italy.
Book Cover for The Front Cornwell, Patricia
The Front
An unauthorized confederation of law enforcement officials are up to no good.
Book Cover for The Chase Cussler, Clive
The Chase
In this period piece (circa 1906), Isaac Bell of the Van Dorn Detective Agency is out to throw a net over the aptly named "Butcher Bandit."
Book Cover for Sweet Revenge Davidson, Diane Mott
Sweet Revenge
Things begin to heat up, as culinary detective Goldy Schulz looks for the murderer of erstwhile district attorney, Drew Wellington.
Book Cover for The Secret Between Us Delinsky, Barbara
The Secret Between Us
A mother takes responsibility for a serious vehicular accident involving her daughter.
Book Cover for Belong to Me De los Santos, Marisa
Belong to Me
A woman tired of the same-old-sameness of the city heads to the suburbs.
Book Cover for Waking with Enemies Dickey, Eric Jerome
Waking with Enemies
The big time hit man, known as Gideon, is on the run from a group of assailants--all looking for payback.
Book Cover for The Plague of Doves Erdrich, Louise
The Plague of Doves
The murder of a North Dakota farm family has endless repercussions.
Book Cover for Plum Lucky Evanovich, Janet
Plum Lucky
The theft of a big bag of money and a collection of inept lunatics cause Stephanie Plum major distress.
Book Cover for Killer Heat Fairstein, Linda
Killer Heat
Alex Cooper investigates a killer preying on women in uniform.
Book Cover for Charley's Web Fielding, Joy
Charley's Web
A newspaper columnist is lured into blackness by the promise of a potential BESTSELLER!!!
Book Cover for Power Play Finder, Joseph
Power Play
A conference of aerospace executives is disrupted by a band of hunters.
Book Cover for Protect and Defend Flynn, Vince
Protect and Defend
Iran's nuclear weapons program must be destroyed by hook, by crook, or by U.S. counterterrorism expert, Mitch Rapp.
Book Cover for World Without End Follett, Ken
World Without End
This sequel to Pillars of the Earth follows the descendents of that acclaimed novel's characters into the 14th century.
Book Cover for Shadow Music Garwood, Julie
Shadow Music
The beautiful Princess Gabrielle, intent on preventing a war, starts one instead.
Book Cover for Love the One You're With Giffin, Emily
Love the One You're With
The appearance of a former boyfriend causes a woman to question her happy marriage.
Book Cover for T is for Trespass Grafton, Sue
T is for Trespass
A sociopath assumes the guise of a caregiver in order to take advantage of the weak and elderly.
Grimes, Martha
Andi Oliver has lost her memory, but not her enemies, as she drifts from town to town.
Book Cover for The Appeal Grisham, John
The Appeal
Unimpressed by the Court's recent decision against him, a billionaire sets out to buy himself some justice.
Book Cover for Playing for Pizza Grisham, John
Playing for Pizza
After attaining an almost unutterable degree of lowness (being cut by the Cleveland Browns), quarterback Rick Dockery packs his grip and splits for Italy to play for the Parma Panthers.
Book Cover for A Lick of Frost Hamilton, Laurell K.
A Lick of Frost
Princess Meredith Nicessus (part-human, part-faerie) keeps trying and trying and trying to become pregnant in order to ascend the throne of night.
Book Cover for From Dead to Worse Harris, Charlaine
From Dead to Worse
Hurricane Katrina dampens the spirit of the vampires and werewolves of New Orleans.
Book Cover for The Killing Ground Higgins, Jack
The Killing Ground
A young girl is kidnapped in order to become the next bride of a terrorist known as the Hammer of God.
Book Cover for The Third Angel Hoffman, Alice
The Third Angel
Three different characters in three different time periods live, love, and suffer.
Book Cover for Blood Dreams Hooper, Kay
Blood Dreams
He's wicked. He's brilliant. He is without conscience and can't be stopped. He is (are you sitting down?) a serial killer!
Book Cover for Loving Frank Horan, Nancy
Loving Frank
A suffragette intellectual has a rocky affair with the mercurial Frank Lloyd Wright.
Book Cover for A Thousand Splendid Suns Hosseini, Khaled
A Thousand Splendid Suns
The tempestuous lives of two women in that ill-fated land of Afghanistan.
Book Cover for Third Degree Iles, Greg
Third Degree
The dark & dangerous secrets of a physician and his wife start to ooze through the cracks.
Book Cover for A Free Life Jin, Ha
A Free Life
A Chinese immigrant, forced to drop out of graduate school, opens his own restaurant.
Book Cover for Pandora's Daughter Johansen, Iris
Pandora's Daughter
An Atlanta pediatrician is targeted for death because of her psychic powers.
Book Cover for Quicksand Johansen, Iris
Separate cases involving a serial killer and a child predator intertwist.
Book Cover for Home to Holly Springs Karon, Jan
Home to Holly Springs
In order to better understand his life, a minister travels back to the place from which he sprung, Holly Springs, Mississippi.
Book Cover for Pontoon Keillor, Garrison
The surprising life of 82-year-old Evelyn Peterson is revealed only after her death.
Book Cover for The Burnt House Kellerman, Faye
The Burnt House
A plane crashes on takeoff killing all 47 passengers on board, yet the fate of flight attendant Roseanne Dresden remains a mystery.
Book Cover for Compulsion Kellerman, Jonathan
An elusive maniac is slicing and dicing his way through the citizenry of Los Angeles.
Book Cover for Duma Key King, Stephen
Duma Key
After being seriously injured in an industrial accident, Edgar Freemantle retreats to a tropical island where he develops a mysterious artistic ability.
Book Cover for Remember Me? Kinsella, Sophie
Remember Me?
After a head injury, a young businesswoman fights through amnesia, not only to regain herself, but to improve herself.
Book Cover for The Darkest Evening of the Year Koontz, Dean
The Darkest Evening of the Year
After a woman takes in an abused golden retriever, strange things begin to occur.
Book Cover for Odd Hours Koontz, Dean
Odd Hours
Former fry cook Odd Thomas and his dog Boo must once again battle the malevolent forces of evil.
Book Cover for Sizzle and Burn Krentz, Jayne Ann
Sizzle and Burn
A man and woman with paranormal capabilities become involved on and off the job.
Book Cover for Unaccustomed Earth Lahiri, Jhumpa
Unaccustomed Earth
Immigrants from India, as well as their children, adjust and adapt to the American way.
Book Cover for Betrayal Lescroart, John
While prosecuting a seemingly standard case of murder, DA Dismas Hardy uncovers ties to both Washington and Iraq.
Book Cover for Another Thing To Fall Lippman, Laura
Another Thing To Fall
The malefactors are lining up for a go at 20-year-old film star, Selene Waites. P.I. Tess Monaghan aims to protect.
Book Cover for Rhett Butler's People McCaig, Donald
Rhett Butler's People
The always intriguing, ever romantic personality of Rhett Butler is explored in this continuation of GWTW. Frankly, my dear, we do give a ...
Book Cover for The Miracle at Speedy Motors McCall Smith, Alexander
The Miracle at Speedy Motors
Like the mechanics at Speedy, Precious Ramotswe fixes problems.
Book Cover for Twenty Wishes Macomber, Debbie
Twenty Wishes
A group of widows get together on Valentine's Day and create a wish list.
Book Cover for The Host Meyer, Stephenie
The Host
Aliens from outer space have taken control of the minds and bodies of nearly every human being on earth. And it's not so bad.
Book Cover for The Senator's Wife Miller, Sue
The Senator's Wife
Two disparate women try and cope with the exigency of marriage.
Book Cover for Still Summer Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Still Summer
As the result of an intense storm, four women on a badly damaged sailboat become lost at sea.
Book Cover for Deliver Me From Evil Monroe, Mary
Deliver Me From Evil
The wife of a very successful video store entrepreneur, plans her own kidnapping.
Book Cover for Sweeter Than Honey Morrison, Mary
Sweeter Than Honey
Morrison points her extremely productive pen at the Las Vegas sex industry.
Mosley, Walter
Blonde Faith
The author's 10th Easy Rawlin's chiller has Easy lamenting love lost and searching for two missing friends.
Book Cover for Songs Without Words Packer, Ann
Songs Without Words
The childhood friendship of Liz and Sarabeth is threatened by the vicissitudes of adulthood.
Book Cover for The First Patient Palmer, Michael
The First Patient
A physician discovers that someone or something has driven the President of the United States--INSANE !!!
Book Cover for Bleeding Kansas Paretsky, Sara
Bleeding Kansas
Two groups of religious fanatics (obverse faces of the same coin) battle each other to the bitter end.
Book Cover for Now and Then Parker, Robert B.
Now and Then
While investigating the unfaithful wife of one of his clients, Spenser becomes aware of a sinister terrorist organization.
Book Cover for Stranger in Paradise Parker, Robert B.
Stranger in Paradise
The leader of a criminal gang that robbed an entire community turns up in Jesse Stone's office--ten years after the fact.
Book Cover for L.A. Outlaws Parker, T. Jefferson
L.A. Outlaws
After an entire gang is found murdered in L.A., all of the you-know-what hits the proverbial fan.
Book Cover for Run Patchett, Ann
A widowed politician keeps his wife's memory alive as he rears their three sons.
Book Cover for The 7th Heaven Patterson, James
7th Heaven
A firebug puts the torch to a cluster of affluent suburban homes.
Book Cover for Double Cross Patterson, James
Double Cross
Alex Cross must stop a mass killer running rampant in Washington D.C.
Book Cover for The Quickie Patterson, James
The Quickie
Lauren Stillwell, of the N.Y.P.D., accidentally becomes aware of her husband's conjugal infidelity. After seeking revenge via the eponymous Ouickie, her life becomes fraught with peril.
Book Cover for Sundays at Tiffany's Patterson, James
Sundays at Tiffany's
A young woman meets the imaginary friend of her childhood.
Book Cover for The Race Patterson, Richard North
The Race
Senator Corey Grace (among others) seeks the Republican presidential nomination.
Book Cover for The Abstinence Teacher Perrotta, Tom
The Abstinence Teacher
A school's sex education curriculum is forced to add a course on "Abstinence" by the Tabernacle of the Gospel Truth church.
Book Cover for Change Of Heart Picoult, Jodi
Change Of Heart
A convicted murderer seeks redemption by way of organ transplant donation.
Book Cover for Blasphemy Preston, Douglas
Take the greatest machine ever constructed. Power it by the world's most sophisticated super-computer. Trouble is inevitable.
Book Cover for The Wheel of Darkness Preston, Douglas
The Wheel of Darkness
Seeking a little peace & quiet in a Tibetan monastery, an FBI agent ends up pursuing an evil spirit across the globe. Next year--Club Med??
Book Cover for The Saturday Wife Ragen, Naomi
The Saturday Wife
A social climber from Queens finds her rabbinical student husband less than satisfactory.
Book Cover for Light of the Moon Rice, Luanne
Light of the Moon
A woman fulfills her mother's last wish by traveling to France and digging deep into their family history.
Book Cover for Guilty Robards, Karen
Assistant DA Kate White is taken hostage after an armed defendant fills the courtroom, as well as the judge, full of holes.
Book Cover for Creation in Death Robb, J. D.
Creation in Death
Detective Eve Dallas is up to matching wits with a serial killer known as "The Groom."
Book Cover for Strangers in Death Robb, J. D.
Strangers in Death
A business tycoon fails to outlive a night of kinky sex leaving Lt. Eve Dallas to investigate.
Book Cover for Exit Ghost Roth, Philip
Exit Ghost
In the author's 9th Zuckerman novel, Nathan comes down from the mountain (in New England) to visit his hometown--New York, New York.
Book Cover for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
In order to find out what happens you'll have to read it, our lips are sealed.
Book Cover for Bridge of Sighs Russo, Richard
Bridge of Sighs
The Pulitzer Prize winner Russo puts a small town and its denizens under his literary microscope.
Book Cover for Dark of the Moon Sandford, John
Dark of the Moon
In peaceful Bluester, Minnesota, three locals are pushed from the material world against their will. Virgil Flowers of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is called in to investigate (ASAP).
Book Cover for Phantom Prey Sandford, John
Phantom Prey
College-aged "Goths" are being murdered in Minneapolis.
Book Cover for Lady Killer Scottoline, Lisa
Lady Killer
A Philadelphia lawyer is asked for help by her high school antagonist.
Book Cover for The Almost Moon Sebold, Alice
The Almost Moon
A woman smothers her 88-year-old mother to death.
Book Cover for The Choice Sparks, Nicholas
The Choice
A veterinarian and a physician's assistant take a crack at love, peace, and understanding.
Book Cover for Prepared for Rage Stabenow, Dana
Prepared for Rage
A terrorist plans to sabotage a space shuttle launch.
Book Cover for Honor Thyself Steel, Danielle
Honor Thyself
After a head injury, an aging actress fights through amnesia, not only to regain herself, but to improve herself.
Book Cover for Certain Girls Weiner, Jennifer
Certain Girls
Issues abound between a mother and her daughter.
Weisberger, Lauren
Chasing Harry
Three young women have it all, yet it doesn't seem quite right.
Book Cover for Beverly Hills Dead Woods, Stuart
Beverly Hills Dead
Un-American activity has contaminated the creative elite of 1940's Hollywood and the government (employing a little un-American activity of its own) is out to make them pay.
Book Cover for Santa Fe Dead Woods, Stuart
Santa Fe Dead
After a failed plot to kill her husband, the Mrs. absconds to the desert.