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Hot, Historical Romances

You may be able to predict the endings, but in these novels, it's the sensual way they get there that counts.

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Carlyle, Liz
Never Deceive a Duke
The new Duke of Warneham had never wanted the title, happily making his own way in the world. The twice-widowed Duchess Antonia has her own emotional pain to endure. But as painful as their separate pasts have been, their futures depend on each other.
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Chase, Loretta Lynda
Mr. Impossible
It's 1821, and intelligent and scholarly Daphne Pembroke could use a strong, handsome, biddable man to help her find and rescue her brother who has disappeared in Egypt. On first glance, Rupert Carsington appears to be that man. However, their adventures in Egypt may prove that Rupert has more to offer than brawn and bravery, and that Daphne is a lot more than a brain.
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Hern, Candice
In the Thrill of the Night
Deciding to take a lover and actually finding one are two different things, so Marianne Nesbitt enlists the help of her closest male friend, the newly-betrothed Adam Cazenove. After years of friendship with Marianne and her husband, Adam finds it difficult to help, and much more satisfying to hinder.
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James, Eloisa
Your Wicked Ways
A lady and her estranged husband make an agreement that he will father the child she so badly wants if she will help him with the opera he's struggling to write. As they work together on both projects, they're reminded how they ended up together in the first place.
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Jeffries, Sabrina
Beware a Scot's Revenge
When the "Scottish Scourge" kidnaps Lady Venetia Campbell, he finds that he's met his match, and the lady will not be a pawn in his quarrel with her father
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London, Julia
The Perils of Pursuing a Prince
Greer Fairchild goes to the brooding and arrogant Earl of Radnor's castle to claim her inheritance, and ends up stuck there waiting for proof of her identity. The longer she waits, however, the more the earl makes her wonder if she'd ever want to leave.
Book Cover
Quinn, Julia
It's in His Kiss
Gareth St. Clair and Hyacinth Bridgerton come together to translate his grandmother's diary, which may contain the key to their future. Of course, the diary is written in Italian, the language of love, and is certainly an inspiration to this pair.
Book Cover
Schone, Robin
Scandalous Lovers
In Victorian England, Frances Hart meets James Whitcox when she accidently comes across a meeting of the Men and Women's Club, a group that meets to discuss sex. A woman experienced in marriage and family life, Frances has her own views on the subject and shares them freely. What begins as a meeting of the minds leads to a pairing of the bodies, and ultimately to an affair of the heart.

Updated: 04/17/08