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Mysteries, historical novels, stories of love and comedy--check out these jazz-centric titles!

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Book Cover Carter, Vincent O.
Such Sweet Thunder
A young, African-American WWI soldier reflects on his childhood as a dreamer growing up in the Jazz Age.
Book Cover Coulson, Joseph
Of Song and Water
A has-been jazz guitarist, all washed-up and having lots of relationship problems, lives with damaged hands and ghosts of the past.
Book Cover Crouch, Stanley
Don't the Moon Look Lonesome
Race, success, art and family come between a jazz singer from South Dakota and a famous saxophonist who prepare to wed.
Book Cover Doyle, Roddy
Oh, Play That Thing
Fun, jazzy and with music all around, a fugitive Irishman becomes Louis Armstrong's right-hand man.
Book Cover Farmer, Jerrilyn
Perfect Sax: A Madeline Bean Novel
Farmer throws together an event planner, many hunky suitors, a decadent jazz ball, a stalker, a shiny one-of-a-kind saxophone and a dead body. Not enough for you? There's also lots of yummy food!
Book Cover Goldsher, Alan
A jazzy fairy-tale written by an author knowledgeable in music and storytelling.
Book Cover Mackey, Nathaniel
Atet, A.D.
An epistolary neo-novel about ideas and themes and with a language that translates black music into philosophy and folklore.
Book Cover Marshall, Paule
The Fisher King
The attendance of the grandson of a great jazz pianist at his grandfather's memorial concert brings together two rivaling, feuding families after decades of separation and silence.
Book Cover Moody, Bill
Looking for Chet Baker: An Evan Horne Mystery
A jazzy murder mystery set in Amsterdam.
Book Cover Turner, Frederick
1920s jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke is fictionally portrayed in this historical novel which smoothly and snazzily pulls the reader into the Jazz Age.
Book Cover Vega, Eduardo
No Matter How Much You Promise to Cook or Pay the Rent You Blew It Cauze Bill Bailey Ain't Never Coming Home Again
The daughter of a gifted jazz pianist sets out to find her father, find her roots and save her family's harmony.
Book Cover Wheeler, Susan
Record Palace
Lean, white, art history student from California meets big, black, jazz-records-storeowner in Chicago. An unlikely friendship entangles them both in serious crime.

Updated: 02/01/2008