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Paperback Romance Roundup

Ten more chances to fall in love with a love story...

  • Mary Balogh

  • Slightly Tempted
    Whether you're new to the Bedwyn Adventures, or a long-time follower of the series, you'll enjoy this chance to steep yourself in Regency intrigue as Lady Morgan Bedwyn and Earl Gervase Ashford meet, spar, and fall in love.

  • Jennifer Crusie

  • Strange Bedpersons
    Tess and Nick have almost nothing in common, except their attraction to each other. Can a right-wing lawyer and a lefty activist forge a lasting love connection?

  • Alice Duncan

  • Beauty and the Brain
    Set in the early days of the motion picture industry, this title in the Dream Maker series traces the courtship of Barbara, an actress, and Colin, the research assistant for her latest movie.

  • Dara Girard

  • Table For Two
    Cassie and Drake share a passion for food, but their relationship gets off on the wrong foot when both make assumptions about each other's past and present. Can Cassie get over her doubts-and her ex-boyfriend-in time to appreciate Drake?

  • Shirley Harrison

  • Sweet Justice
    If you like a little mystery with your romance, you might enjoy Aislyn and Eric's attempt to solve a murder and resolve their differences. What does Eric know that he's not telling Aislyn? And will it tear them apart forever?

  • Kirstin Hill

  • Hot Under the Collar
    Popular DJ Cassie Knight keeps her identity a secret to avoid stalkers and paparazzi. Determined to write about the mysterious "Voice in the Night," reporter Nathan Taylor goes undercover to get his story, but ends up with more than he bargains for when he falls in love with his subject!

  • Linda Hudson-Smith

  • Top Secret Rendezvous
    Major Kingdom and Staff Sergeant Hamilton aren't supposed to fall in love. But when they're off-duty, Zurich and Hailey can't deny their feelings for each other. What will prove stronger: duty or love?

  • Candice Proctor

  • Beyond Sunrise
    India longs for a life of adventure, without the bonds of marriage. A trip to the South Pacific with guide Jack Ryder, however, may change her mind. Action, adventure, and romance in an exotic setting make for a compelling read.

  • Nora Roberts, et. al.

  • Moon Shadows
    A collection of four novellas in which magic and the moon accent the romance. If you like love stories with a flair for the supernatural, you might enjoy this book.

  • Elizabeth Thornton

  • Shady Lady
    This unusual romance combines elements of historical fiction and mystery with a poignant love story about second chances. Can Jo get over her first husband and learn to love the mysterious Waldo? She'll have to learn if she hopes to find out what happened to one of her best employees.