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Reluctant Mysteries

Not much of a mystery reader? One of these books just might change your mind!

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Book Cover Atkinson, Kate
Case Histories
Atkinson is a master of the writing craft, drawing characters who think, feel, grow, and change throughout the length of her novels. These are people worth knowing, in a story worth thinking about.
Book Cover Coe, Jonathan
The Winshaw Legacy, or, What a Carve Up!
This should be called, "What a Crack Up," because it is, at its heart, hilarious commentary on the state of England. It's wicked funny, and the mystery is good, too.
Book Cover Flynn, Gillian
Sharp Objects
Flynn's writing puts your senses to work, and gives your empathy a work-out too, with this family drama that pays special attention to mothers and daughters. There's excess wealth, bad behavior, murder, "cutting", and some creepy, creepy twists.
Book Cover King, Laurie R.
The Beekeeper's Apprentice
What if Sherlock Homes retired, became a beekeeper, and then discovered a pretty young prodigy he thought needed mentoring? What if he taught her everything he knew and then sent her on her own adventures? Read this first book of the Mary Russell mysteries and find out.
Book Cover Lethem, Jonathan
Motherless Brooklyn
This is a murder mystery featuring one of the most memorable fictional detectives in history. There's city grit and grime, and of course there's crime, but the stars of this novel are the people, who would be worth reading about regardless of their setting.
Book Cover Stevenson, Jane
London Bridges
Bankers, scholars, lawyers, crusaders, and the city of London. There are people in this book that you will cheer for, and others you will love to hate, and you will always feel London's presence as you race through to find out how it all ends.

Updated: 12/29/07