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Repeat Performances

A list of books we love to read again and again.

Book Cover Adams, Richard
Watership Down
The classic tale of rabbits on the move.
Book Cover Auel, Jean M.
Clan of the Cave Bear
A young woman separated from her kin is adopted by another tribe.
Book Cover Bronte, Charlotte
Jane Eyre
Part bildungsroman, part mystery, part romance, all wonderful.
Book Cover Dick, Philip K.
A theological detective story with Gnostic secrets and a pink laser.
Book Cover Fowles, John
The Magus
A young Oxford grad begins his teaching career on a remote Greek island, but finds himself in a tangled knot of manipulation, hallucination and reincarnation.
Book Cover Hulme, Kerri
The Bone People
Three misfit friends become family on the shores of New Zealand.
Book Cover Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
Gift From the Sea
A timeless classic, filled with deep insight and powerful wisdom.