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Don't Bug Me - I'm Reading Short Stories

Think of them as mini novels, perfect for short trips and the pauses that happen naturally in life.

Dean, Debra
Confessions of a Falling Woman: And Other Stories
Dean's stories are populated by people whose brush with or desire for fame has left them all but shattered.
Ellison, Harlan
From the master comes a collection of stories celebrating his wide range and treating his devotees to an assortment of science fiction, horror, and fantasy filled with humor, social criticism, and revelation.
Gordimer, Nadine
Beethoven was One-sixteenth Black: And Other Stories
Thirteen stories from a South African Nobel Prize laureate gather characters victimized by disasters like the Holocaust and apartheid and show how hard it can be to shape a life after such influences.
Messinger, Jonathan
Hiding Out
Messinger's stories, provocative and touching, are rendered even more enjoyable with the addition of Rob Funderburk's line drawings.
Millhauser, Steven
Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories
Millhauser is a master of illusion and implied depravity. The characters in these stories become embroiled in their own obsessions, aborting reality in favor of their intense personalities.
VanderMeer, Ann, editor
The New Weird
The New Weird descends into miasmic cities, disturbing rituals, festivals of disorder, and lethal cults, and takes you with it.
Kelly, James P. and John Kessel, editors
Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology
Cyberpunk, a subgenre associated with hackers, artificial intelligence, and virtual worlds, unleashes all the horrors that "civilian" technology can provide. Now that we've let computers and the internet into our lives, what dire consequences await us?

Updated: 05/29/2008