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Women Spy Novels

The world of women operatives in fiction spans the globe and includes dangerous situations, covert operations, and extreme tactics. Mixed in with the suspense are intelligent women characters ready to take on the challenge.

Book Cover Anthony, Evelyn
Mind Games
A series of murders that seems to be linked to Moscow baffles not only Davina Graham, the female head of the SIS, but also her adversary at the KGB. World leaders are being targeted in this spy thriller that spans London, Moscow, Paris, and Washington, D.C., but why?
Book Cover Berlinski, Claire
Loose Lips: A Roman à Claire
Unemployed Selena Keller sends her resume off to the CIA on a whim and is surprised to be recruited for the agency. During her grueling training at the “Farm,” a covert facility, she falls in love with another recruit who just might be spying on her. An inside look at the intelligence world that blends satire, romance, and suspense.
Book Cover Boyd, William
Someone is trying to kill Sally Gilmartin, and Sally needs her daughter’s help in finding out who it is. But first, she must reveal the truth about her past -- how a Russian émigré became a British Secret Service Officer and helped to sway the U.S. involvement in World War II.
Gilman, Dorothy
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station
Emily Pollifax is a white-haired woman who likes to wear hats, speak to her garden club, and take on an occasional CIA spy mission. In this story, she finds herself posing as a tourist to get a man out of a labor camp in China.
Book Cover Lynds, Gayle
The Coil
A former CIA agent’s past won’t stay put. Liz Sansborough must return to her former profession to try to find her father’s files from when he was a notorious assassin in order to save her cousin who has been kidnapped.
Book Cover McCusker, Paul
A Season of Shadows
Newly widowed Julie Harris finds herself not only dealing with the sudden death of her husband, but also with a secret life that she is now discovering. Set in 1940, Julie travels to war-torn London to infiltrate a Fascist group and find the one man who may provide hope in her struggle.
Book Cover Maney, Mabel
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy: An Original Jane Bond Parody
A spoof on the James Bond series, Maney’s book features James’s lesbian sister, Jane Bond, who in this outing poses as her brother at an award’s dinner with the queen to stop the Brothers of Britain from taking over the throne.
Book Cover Massey, Sujata
Girl in a Box
Rei Shimura, a special informant for the Organization for Cultural Intelligence, goes undercover as a clerk in a big Tokyo department store. While investigating the store’s profits, she must make herself fit in as a typical Japanese woman although she is American. The multicultural escapades as well as the spy mission make for interesting reading.
Book Cover Mathews, Francine
Caroline Carmichael returns to the streets of Washington, D.C., to try to stop a terrorist attack at the Marine Corp Marathon. Author Mathews, who spent four years as an intelligence analyst at the CIA with the Counterterrorism Center, brings firsthand knowledge to this story.
Book Cover Rankin, Ian
Witch Hunt
She’s known as Witch, a dark and cunning beauty and cold-blooded assassin who is always one step ahead of her pursuers. Now three of the world’s police agencies are after her, sometimes working with one another and at other times against, trying to stop her from her most daring attempt yet, one that would have worldwide repercussions.
Book Cover Rimington, Stella
At Risk
Liz Carlyle has worked hard to make her way in the mostly male world of Britain's Security Service, MI5, but now she’s faced with the challenge of finding out if there is an “invisible” out there – an intelligence term for a terrorist who is an ethnic native of the target country and all the risks inherit with such an enemy. Author Rimington draws on her own experience as the first woman director general of MI5.
Book Cover Rucka, Greg
Private Wars
Tara Chace, considered one of the most dangerous women in the international spy network, is back in the game. She’s asked to take on a solo project in Uzbekistan to get members of the family of Uzekistan’s president out before they are killed in a bid for succession to power.
Book Cover Willig, Lauren
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
The Masque of the Black Tulip
The Deception of the Emerald Ring
A series of books by Willig that delves into the lives and covert operations of two infamous spies from the Napoleonic Wars – the Pink Carnation, an elusive English spy, and the Black Tulip, the Pink Carnation's French counterpart and nemesis.

Updated: 5/23/07