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Zines About Education

These zines address issues of education, teaching, and schools, and are located in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main. Browse Zines at LibraryThing

Ayotte, Wendy
As Soon as You're Born They Make You Feel Small: Self-Determination for Children
This is a reprinted pamphlet, originally published in 1986. It features essays on liberation for children, including the authoritarian structures of school, age restrictions, and definitions of age-appropriateness.
Truckface #12
LB describes student teaching High School English. She highlights how students and teachers can work together, learning from each other.
Milstein, Cindy
Educating for Freedom
This zine is based on a speech by Milstein on the topic of "unschooling." She synthesizes anarchist theory with education and discusses radical alternatives to existing educational systems.
Moniz, Tomas
Rad Dad #5
This early issue of Rad Dad, a radical parenting zine, relays a playground conversation about schooling, homeschooling, and class, and features an article advocating for radical communities to educate themselves about childhood and parenting.
Moniz, Tomas
Rad Dad #15
This issue of the parenting zine Rad Dad features a story about teaching English and an article about playground bullying.
Roche, Dave
On Subbing: The First Four Years
This is an anthology chronicling Dave Roche's first four years as a substitute aide in special education classes, in journal format.

Updated: 6/1/2011