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Bugs on Film


Agnes, a lonely waitress with a tragic past, rooms in a run-down motel, living in fear of her abusive ex-husband. But when she begins an affair with Peter, an eccentric drifter, she starts to feel hopeful -- until the first bugs arrive.
Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel is a brilliant and violent gangster who leaves behind his criminal empire in New York to run the powerful rackets in Los Angeles. But his tumultuous affair with a Hollywood starlet inspires him to build something even bigger than his growing infamy. Not a real bug, but based on a true story.
The Reaping
Investigative scholar Katherine Winter is a debunker of modern 'miracles,' bringing scientific light to superstition and fraud. But events in Haven, Louisiana, defy even her expertise. There, the 10 Biblical Plagues, including locusts, frogs and a river of blood, seem to be reoccurring.
The Silence of the Lambs
A psychopath is murdering young women across the Midwest. Believing that it takes one to know one, the FBI sends Agent Clarice Starling to interview a demented prisoner, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Features some very famous moths.


Insectia is a 13-part documentary series that puts an entertaining spin on the fascinating world of insects.
Jewel of the Earth
Examines the phenomenon of organisms trapped in amber, a sticky resin produced by coniferous trees. Discusses the attempts of scientists to extract from amber fossils the DNA of creatures from the distant past.
Life in the Undergrowth
David Attenborough guides the viewer through a miniature universe teeming with life, never normally seen, yet all around us. New technology reveals surreal vistas and their extraordinary insect inhabitants.
Making use of time-lapse and microphotographic techniques, this documentary provides an intensively close-up view of a variety of insects as they hatch from eggs, search for food, and cope with their environments.
Underground Pittsburgh
Come for a hike into Laurel Caverns, investigate the fabled Fourth River, visit the Bug Rooms at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and zip through several tunnels around here.