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Irish Documentaries

A Celtic Journey through Time: a Short History of Ireland A Celtic Journey through Time: a Short History of Ireland (1998)
A panoramic look at the personalities and events that shaped Ireland and a tour of its most beautiful locales, including the medieval streets of Dublin, the rugged coasts and the verdant countryside. (VHS)

Ballad of the Irish Horse (1985)
Released as a National Geographic Special in 1985, this documentary focuses on the horses of Ireland and their role in the history, tradition, and business of the Irish people. (VHS)

Behind the mask: the IRA and Sinn Fein
This BBC News/WGBH Frontline production tells the story of the Irish Republican Army and its political wing Sinn Fein. Includes America's role in this struggle with Britain. (VHS)

Celebrating the Green: the History of Saint Patrick's Day (1998)
This is the videocassette release of the 1998 production by the History Channel tracing the life of Saint Patrick, the history of St. Patrick's Day and how the day has been celebrated throughout the centuries. (VHS)

Derry to Kerry
This is a BBC production, in association with WNET, in which actor Michael Palin hosts a scenic tour of the Emerald Isle by rail and seeks his family roots in Tralee, County Kerry. (VHS)

Diarmuid Gavin's Irish Garden
Garden designer Diarmuid Gavin leads the viewer on a tour of some of Ireland's most beautiful gardens. (VHS)

Discoveries -- Ireland: a Mystical Journey (2001)
An introduction to Ireland and her places of interest. (DVD)

The IRA: 30 years of terror (1998)
A look at the history of the turmoil in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republican Army, which has fought, to frequently bloody results, for a unified Catholic-dominated Ireland independent of Great Britain. Produced by CBS News Productions in association with A&E Network as a segment of the television series: 20th Century with Mike Wallace as the narrator. (VHS)

In Search of Ancient Ireland (2002)
Produced by PBS/WNET (see the companion website), this is a look at the history and legends of ancient Ireland from 2000 B.C., when Stone Age farmers built some of the largest and most spectacular Neolithic monuments in Europe, through 1167 A.D, when the Norman invasion placed Ireland under English control. A book is also available. (DVD and VHS)

Ireland and your Irish Ancestry
This special Irish Heritage video is the story of Irish ancestry, the history of Ireland, her landscape and music. (VHS)

The Irish Country House
Filmed at different locations across Ireland, this documentary looks at the development of the country house from cliff-top castles to the great Palladian mansions. It offers an unusual insight into Ireland's history. (VHS)

The McCourts of Limerick
A documentary chronicling the story of the McCourt family, featuring rare family photographs, interviews and personal video footage including the reunion of the long-separated McCourt brothers and the spreading of Angela's ashes. (VHS)

Out of Ireland: the Story of Irish Emigration to America Out of Ireland: the Story of Irish Emigration to America (1995)
Examines the history of the seven million Irish who emigrated to America in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries including the causes of the exodus and the immigrant experience in the United States. Uses photographs, archival footage, manuscript material and interviews with Irish immigrants to describe their experiences and the profound influence they have had on American culture. Based on the book by Kerby Miller and Paul Wagner. (VHS)

Saint Patrick: the Man, the Myth (1996)
Videocassette release of one episode of the A&E television series Biography. Born in 385 A.D. to a wealthy family in Britain, Patrick was kidnapped at 15 and enslaved for six years as a shepherd in Ireland. He escaped back to Britain, but later returned to Ireland determined to convert the people to Christianity. (VHS)

Sentinels of the Sea: Lighthouses of Ireland Sentinels of the Sea: Lighthouses of Ireland
This documentary presents tours of several Irish lighthouses and an Irish lightship; chronicles the history and mythical legends associated with Irish lighthouses; and explores what it was like to be an Irish lighthouse keeper before computer automation was introduced. (VHS)

Travel the World. Ireland: Western Ireland, Dublin & Belfast Travel the World. Ireland: Western Ireland, Dublin & Belfast (1997)
A video tour of Ireland by Rick Steves, including exploration of the Dingle Peninsula and the Aran Islands, a bicycle trip through the Gaeltachts, visits to local Irish pubs, and trips through some of the bustling urban and cultural centers of Ireland, including turbulent Belfast. (VHS)

William Butler Yeats: the Heart of Ireland
Portraying both an Irish inn proprietress and William Butler Yeat's beloved Maud Gonne, stage actress Irene Worth regales three members of the First Poetry Quartet with stories about the great poet and the Irish countryside. Originally produced in 1977 for the PBS television series: Anyone for Tennyson? (VHS)

Video Cover images courtesy of Syndetics.