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Road Trip Terror

Check out one of the following films if you are looking for a thrill ride!

Black Cadillac
What starts out as a night of celebration for three friends, quickly becomes the ultimate test of survival as they are joined by a local deputy sheriff and are stalked down the mountain by the ominous, probing headlights of a black Cadillac. Based on the true story of a late-night road trip.

This film noir classic introduces you to Al Roberts, a musician drawn into a web of murder and deception as he hitches his was towards California.

The Devil's Rejects
The evil Firefly family goes on a murderous road trip, following an ambush at their homestead. While evading a massive Texas Rangers dragnet as well as a group of equally murderous bounty hunters they leave dozens of mangled bodies in their wake.

The Duel The Duel
A traveling businessman is menaced on the highway by a huge diesel truck. Although he can never see the psychopathic driver of the truck, he soon realizes that this guy is out to kill him! One of Steven Spielberg's first films.

The Hitcher
A young man attempts to escape from and later apprehend a psychopathic killer he picks up hitchhiking in the desert.

Joy Ride
It's all fun and games when two brothers take off cross-country to bring home a pretty college friend. But the jokes end when a prank backfires and they find themselves stalked by a vengeful trucker who won't give up his relentless chase until somebody pays with their life.

Twisted, psychotic ex-convict Early Grayce has found his ride out of town ... and just in time. Early didn't like the way his landlord was "acting up" so he killed him. Lucky for Early and his girlfriend, a young couple writing a book on serial killers needs two people to share expenses for a cross-country trip.

Red Lights (French)
Antoine and Helene are off to the south of France to pick up their children from camp. They begin to quarrel while on the road. Antoine pulls over for a drink. When he returns, Helene is gone. They both face great danger during the night.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 version)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004 version)
A group of teenagers are driving through Texas on a road trip when they pick up a hitchhiker on her way to Mexico. But when they pass through a small town, they see a bloody and distraught girl wandering by the roadside. After stopping to help her, they realize she's been involved in something horribly traumatic. As they piece together the story, the 5 teens are drawn into the web of a murderous family of subnormal cannibals.

Wolf Creek
Three friends in their twenties set out to hike through the scenic Wolf Creek National Park in the Australian Outback. Trouble begins when they get back from their hike to find that their car won't start. The trio think they have a way out when they run into a friendly local bushman, but what he has in mind for them has nothing to do with friendliness.