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It's warmer than Pittsburgh, you don't need a passport, and it's not too far away. Plan a trip to Hawaii or just soak in a little of the culture with documentaries and travel DVDs from the Film and Audio Department.

The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Keola Beamer, a contemporary master of slack key guitar, provides an introduction to the tunings and techniques that create this unique Hawaiian musical form. Includes a brief history of how it developed from the music played by visiting Spanish vaqueros in the 19th century.

Cruise Hawaii & Tahiti

Visits Hawaii and islands in French Polynesia.

Discovering Hawaii

Discover the wonder and fascination of the Hawaiian Islands, with their astounding diversity. Explore the most exotic state in the Union, with legendary volcanoes, hula-dancers and magnificent beaches. Hear the story of Hawaii's great warrior-king, Kamehameha. Bask in the sun and share the fun of Waikiki Beach and Lahaina, then catch an aerial view of the vast canyon lands of Kauai.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures. Voyage to Kure

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his crew explore the marine life at Hawaii's Kure Island.

Lava Flows and Lava Tubes

Explores various volcanoes located in Hawaii (as well as other places), explaining how they were formed and how they behave.

Kumu Hula: Keepers of a Culture

A documentary about the native Hawaiian dance which represents the history and ancient traditions of the Hawaiian people.


Explore the island state of Hawaii, which includes volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and a culture all its own.

Hidden Hawaii

This video takes you on a journey to the most remote locations on the Hawaiian Island.

Hawaii's Last Queen: the Embattled Reign of Queen Lili'Uokalani

This is the life story of Queen Lili'uokalani, who fought wealthy white sugar growers in their efforts to assume political control of Hawaii. She yielded her throne in 1893, surrendering at gun point to U.S. Marines.

Hawaiian Quilting

An expert quilter shows how to make a Hawaiian quilt using needleturn applique techniques. Includes all the necessary information on materials, tools, and supplies.

SmartTravels Pacific Rim. Maui & the Big Island; Oahu & Kauai

Two episodes of the television series SmartTravels Pacific Rim. Follows Rudy Maxa on tours of Hawaii. Discusses popular tourist attractions and provides historical background and practical information.

That's Slack Key Guitar

Unique to Hawaii, the solo finger-picking style of music has been played since the early 1800's when guitars were brought to the islands by Spanish cowboys. Hawaiians tuned or "slacked" the strings to suit their own music which has unique roots in families as songs and techniques are passed from one generation to the next.

Volcano: Fountains of Fire

A documentary about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.