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Read-Alikes: Caught

Suspenseful tales about missing victims similar to Harlan Coben's latest title, Caught.



A thriller with a sense of moral ambiguity, this novel tells the story of a low-level staffer with a choice between going to prison for a stupid stunt, or going undercover in a rival company to steal corporate secrets. The question becomes, which is the bigger trap?


The Lovely Bones

A teenage girl is abducted, raped, and killed by a serial killer, who turns out to be her neighbor. The novel follows the girl after her death, as she tries to keep watch over her family and friends, as well as her killer and the detective trying to solve her murder. She is caught between staying with them in their world, which is a limbo for her, and letting them go.


My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike

In this first-person narrative, nineteen-year-old Skyler speaks mostly to the ghost of his champion figure skater sister Bliss, who was murdered at the age of six. The murder is unsolved, the family's grieving process still in full force, and the fact that this infamous family is under media scrutiny all makes their situation complicated and painful and yet somehow comic.


Black Seconds

A child goes missing and imagination becomes a demon of torture.


The Scarecrow

Ace crime reporter Jack McEvoy of the Los Angeles Times is about to become the latest casualty of the paper's downsizing. He decides to investigate one last crime, and chooses the story of the brutal slaying of a young woman. A 16-year-old criminal has confessed, but the confession turns out to be a lie, one of many that McEvoy uncovers. Who is the real murderer, and why has the young drug dealer taken the rap?


Fear the Worst

In this thriller centered on a family in which the wife/mother disappears, Barclay deeply explores his characters' psyches, giving them realistic three-dimensional qualities.