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Forces of Murder

Discover new mysteries and thrillers wherein natural disasters form the backdrop for murder!


Bullets of Rain

Plot-twists galore populate this creepy psycho-thriller about an architect boarded up inside his custom home while he awaits an impending hurricane.


Category 7

When a wealthy maniac with the power to create deadly tornadoes summons a big one to wreck Manhattan, only a meteorologist and CIA weatherman have the means to stop the murderous plot.


Chill Factor

A woman's trip through the mountains of North Carolina becomes dangerous when she winds up stranded by a blizzard in a cabin with a man who might be a serial killer.


Rough Weather

This Spenser mystery finds the private investigator seeking a kidnapped bride on an island retreat during a fierce storm.


Acts of Nature

Max Freeman, PI, finds himself off course and trapped in an Everglades cabin by an encroaching hurricane. What's worse are the murderous scavengers and thieves that Freeman has to deal with in the hurricane's wake.


Murder with Puffins

Trapped by a storm in Maine, private investigator Meg Langslow must use her sleuthing skills to ferret out a murderer amongst a cadre of puffin-watchers.