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Novel Summer Reading

Take this new fiction to the beach, the mountains, the porch, or your neighborhood (air conditioned) coffee shop.


The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Rose can taste the emotions of whoever prepared the food she eats. Bender writes her own brand of magical realism, sometimes sad but always authentic.


This is Where We Live

Set in the current economic climate, the portrait of a marriage under pressure in bohemian Los Angeles.


The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno

The world's thinnest man works for P.T. Barnum at his American Museum, finding relief from boredom when he's asked to keep an eye on Barnum's latest acquisition, the bearded woman.



A New York City soap opera writer aims for a younger audience by writing vampires into her scripts. Cabot writes them into the writer's "real" life for an entertaining gambol through vampire love and war.


Go, Mutants!

Remember the aliens who arrived on Earth via flying saucers in 1950s science fiction movies? They integrated and reproduced. One mutant son is in high school. This is his story.


Imperial Bedrooms

A follow-up to Less Than Zero, whose characters are still disillusioned and tormented twenty-five years later. Recommended for fans as well as those new to Ellis.


The Cookbook Collector: A Novel

In this Jane Austen-like social comedy, two sisters in their 20s, one practical and the other a romantic, come together and drift apart.


In My Father's House

A hot Miami modeling agency is the scene of the late author's final novel.


The Bradbury Report: A Novel

In the year 2071, the U.S. is the only country where cloning is legal, paid for by the government, and part of the health insurance system. Anna, a member of an underground abolitionist group, helps hide the first escaped clone, hoping he will become an anti-cloning spokesperson. Strong, thought provoking writing.