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Tony's Picks

Book Cover for Citrus County Brandon, John
Citrus County

John Brandon is a young author hitting his stride. Citrus County illustrates his mastery of the crime and mystery genre. Characters the reader cares about spiral out of control with circumstances never as apparent as they seem to be. This could be an author to watch for a very long time.
Recommended December 2010

Jones, Shane
Light Boxes

This book reads like a dream—of lessons of love and loss in a world of endless winter, and the townspeople who wage war against a season. So vivid and simple is Jones’ imagery, you could swear this book had pictures.
Recommended November 2010

Book Cover for Artichoke Tales Kelso, Megan
Artichoke Tales

Graphic Novel
Kelso’s first graphic novel is a fairy tale story wrapped in a coming-of-age tale, but though it lives in another world its lessons are for our own. Family history, biases, and how and why we love the way we do are explored in a unique and real way.
Recommended October 2010