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Library Accounts/Registration:
Acceptable Identification

January 2007

The following details acceptable ID for opening or renewing an account. Applicants must show identification which includes BOTH a photo and proof of current address. (One document may be acceptable if it serves both purposes). All applications must be signed to be valid.

Acceptable for Photo ID

(Must be valid/current except where noted and have photo.)

Acceptable Proof of Address

(Must be valid/current and dated within the past 6 months; online printouts may be acceptable at the staff's discretion.)

For adults 18 and over: For minors ages 0-17:

Not Valid Identification

(Unacceptable identification includes, but is not limited to, the following:)

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh reserves the right to ask for previous addresses or further identification to verify an individual has or does not already have an existing library account. An application may be delayed in processing until any concerns over previous accounts are addressed. Persons found to attempt to present fraudulent identification, misuse an account or attempt to use another person's account may be banned from library usage and/or may be referred for legal action.

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