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Classic Library Card
Online Registration Form

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to register for the Classic Library Card online.

With your classic library card, you can borrow books, videos, DVD's, CD's and all other materials that the libraries offer. You can also use your library card from your home computer to place online reserve and interlibrary loan requests as well as access electronic resources.

You will receive your library card in the mail in 2-4 weeks. Before using your card to request or checkout items, you will need to come in to a participating library and present current photo identification with proof of address.

If you are interested in supporting the library by acquiring a Donor Plus Library Card, please contact the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Foundation Office at 412.622.6276 for more information.

Cards will not be issued to those who already have an existing library card or who have overdue items on an existing card.

Click here for more information about getting a library card.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Classic Library Card

Classic Library Card
Registration Form

= required field

First Name:
  Middle Name:
Last Name:

Primary Address
Street Address:
Apartment #:
Zip Code:
Secondary Address (where applicable)
(If using a P.O. Box number, supply a home address.
If a student, supply a non-local address, if applicable.)
Street Address:
Apartment #:
Zip Code:
Primary Phone:
Alternate Phone:
Email address:
Notification for overdue/reserve notices will automatically be sent via email when a valid email is provided.
(please note that any billed items will be sent by standard US mail)

Sex:  Male    Female 

It is the policy of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh that all library records are kept confidential and only shared with the cardholder and/or as a result of appropriate legal orders. If you wish others to have access to your account, please indicate below:

I agree that the following individuals have the ability to pay fees and/or pickup reserve items on my account with proper identification.

If you live outside of Allegheny County, please complete the following section:

Do you have a library card from your local library with a blue Access Pennsylvania sticker on it?

If you do not have an Access Pennsylvania card, you must pay $30 ($10 for children) to receive a Library Card. Saying Yes states that you agree to pay that amount and will be held responsible for that charge, saying No will terminate this application:

 Not Applicable

By submitting this application, I agree to be responsible for all library materials borrowed on my card. I will pay any late fees or charges for all delinquent, lost or damaged materials.

Please note that your personal information is protected by the terms of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's privacy policy.

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