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Industries. Iron & steel. Homestead 1912, U.S. Steel 140” plate mill shear

By the late 19th century the United States was leading the world in steel production. At the center of this was Andrew Carnegie, who described his interest in the manufacturing and production of iron and steel,

“ …to insure uniform quality, and also to make certain shapes which were not then to be obtained, we determined to embark in the manufacture of iron. My brother (Thomas) and I became interested with Thomas N. Miller, Henry Phipps, and Andrew Kloman in a small iron mill.”

This initial enterprise led to the development of a successful business model, as well as many refinements to the production of iron and steel. Carnegie’s approach to the manufacturing process became a blueprint for successful business practices in the 20th century. Cost analysis, employment of chemists, metallurgists and engineers, ownership of raw resources and insight into commercial applications of both iron and steel were some of the components for his success.

This collection highlights the evolution in the production of iron and steel, as well as related industries. It includes scientific documents, trade catalogs, historical overviews, illustrations and photographs.

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