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Special Events: Strategies for Success!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014  
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Okay, so you have to put on an event. Should be easy to do, right, because everyone LOVES an event?! Well, like any fundraising activity in any organization, the event is a strategic tactic that needs time, planning and organization to be successful. Just because you did something one way doesn’t mean it will work the next time in the exact same way. An event is more a marketing and promotional tool, and when you start to see it this way, special events take on a whole new meaning. This workshop is not just a come and learn experience. It promises to be lively and thought-provoking, where you can take away new tools and ideas to help you see special events in a whole new light. Attendees should come prepared to share their special events success stories and learning “failures” too!

The speaker for this program will be one of our long-time presenters, Rosemary Martinelli, Principal, Martinelli & Associates Consultants, where she provides public relations, corporate citizenship, and philanthropic counsel to businesses and nonprofits. In addition, she has served in numerous senior management roles as the broadcast branding executive, marketing guru, corporate spokesperson, and communications/community relations/philanthropy director for various businesses, corporations and nonprofits in our region. Rosemary also teaches marketing and branding, business writing, public relations, and professional presentations at the college level, so she will be bringing her expertise and classroom exercises to this workshop.

The fee to attend is $20 per person, which can be paid at the door with cash or check made payable to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Space is limited and registration is required by calling the Nonprofit Resource Center at 412-622-6277.

Presented by: Rosemary Martinelli
Event fee: $20
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5801 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Nonprofit Resource Center
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