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An Adventure in Pittsburghese

Drawing of three boys piggy-backing in imitation of the Eiffel Tower.

An Illustrated Dictionary of
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This collection of localisms--past and present--peculiar to the Pittsburgh District is meant to entertain and to inform. "Pittsburghese" is one of those features that gives distinctive character to the region--like its inclines, its rivers or its hills. "Pittsburghese" has been the subject of several books and a number of articles. Its representative words and phrases are emblazoned on t-shirts, mugs, postcards and on all sorts of commercial items. This Website is intended to lovingly and good-naturedly identify these words and phrases, provide an aid to pronunciation and offer an example of their use. When an authority--print or personal--for word or phrase is available, it is provided. Sources of additional information are offered throughout the Site. Illustrations are taken from the resources of the Pennsylvania Department. We welcome your questions and comments.

Pittsburghese: A Reading List

Created: 28 January 1996
Last Updated: 19 April 2001, Version 2

A joint collaboration of the staff of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Department. With additional suggestions from John S. Fail, John W. Fail, Dennis Hasch, Michael Nimec and Chris Velemirovich.