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* Baden
pronounced Bay'-den
rhymes with maiden
meaning a borough in Beaver County along the Ohio River, population 5,231 (1992); named by Christian Burkhardt in 1838 for his native town of Baden-Baden.
as in

authority Baden Memorial Library, 8 December 1997.

and in July of 1938, at the time of Baden's centennial, The Pittsburgh Press reported, "One hundred years ago an immigrant stood on a tract of land fronting the Ohio River 25 miles below Pittsburgh, and with memories of his native town in Germany, proclaimed the name of his land should be Baden--shortened from Baden-Baden." The Press also noted, "Christian Burkhart [Burkhardt], who named Baden and most of its streets, was one of the earliest settlers on what was known as 'Depreciation Lands,' so-called because they were Government awards to redeem worthless Revolutionary scrip money. Other early residents, some of whose homes still stand, were the Hicks, Bryan, Hill, Moore and Irwin families." "Baden," the Press explained, "grew slowly, but steadily, achieving a reputation as a 'good' residential town. Its population, comprised of skilled millworkers employed in neighboring mills and professional men, set up a high level for community stability. An estimated 75 per cent of the residents own, unencumbered, the neat brick and wood dwellings that line Baden's shaded streets."



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