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Letter to Senator George T. Oliver

Pittsburgh Is Spelled with 'H'
So Decides United States Geographic Board in Deciding Controversy.
Special Telegram from Robert Simpson, Staff Correspondent.

Washington, D.C., July 21.--The United States Geographic Board has said the final word and the long controversy is decided in favor of the historic Pittsburgh with an "h." The board had formerly decided that the "h" should be dropped as superfluous. There was a protest from those who wished to adhere to the orthography that had been in use from the growth of the municipality. Today Senator Oliver received a letter from C. S. Sloan, secretary of the board, saying that the former action had been reconsidered and that hereafter the government of the United States in all its writings and publications will spell it Pittsburgh. The letter to Senator Oliver follows:

United States Geographic Board.
Washington, D. C., July 20, 1911.
Hon. George T. Oliver, United States Senate:
Sir: At a special meeting of the United States Geographic Board held on July 19, 1911, the previous decision with regard to the spelling of Pittsburg without a final H was reconsidered and the form given below was adopted:
Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania (not Pittsburg).
Very respectfully,
C. S. Sloan,

Pittsburgh Gazette, 22 July 1911, page 1.

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