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For Further Reading

Batz, Bob, Jr. "Computer Sights: Internet Exhibit Provides a Bridge to Historical Pittsburgh."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8 September 1996, G1, G11.
* Captures the energy and enthusiasm behind the "Bridging the Urban Landscape" project.

Chad, Barry. "Bridging the Urban Landscape." Ohio Libraries 8 (Fall 1995): 13-16.
* In-depth description and discussion of the online exhibit, its origins, organization and technical implementation. Also available online in a revised, corrected version.

Comenius, Johann Amos. Orbis Pictus: A Facsimile of the First English Edition of 1659.
London: Oxford University Press, 1968.
* Often regarded as the first children's book (1658), it suggests a method of organizing information remarkably similar to hypertext and clickable maps.

Drennan, Daniel. "World Wide Web 101." Inquisitor 1, no. 4 [1996]: 32-37.
* Perceptive and ardent discussion of Web design, emphasizing dynamic over static information. The traditional library is held up as a superior model of information organization compared to the chaos of the Web.

PALINET. PALINET Long-Range Strategic Plan. Philadelphia: PALINET, 1995.
* Clearly-envisioned, clearly-expressed "Paradigm Shifts for Libraries." See page 9.

Post, David. "Copyright and Free Expression: Battle or Dance?"
Plugging In (January 1996).
* The likely end of the principle of "fair use."

Tipping, Emily. "Internet Browsers Tour Historic City Neighborhoods."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 17 September 1995, (Allegheny Sunday).
* "Bridging the Urban Landscape" and related online ventures in Pittsburgh.

Tufte, Edward. Envisioning Information. Cheshire, Connecticut: Graphics Press, 1991.
* An elegant book with implications for the organization of information online.

Webb, Terry D. "On My Mind: Stuck Between E-mail and the E-Library."
American Libraries (October 1996): 39-40.
* Gives voice to many of the same concerns expressed in One-Trick Pony.

Wurman, Richard Saul. Information Anxiety. New York: Doubleday, 1989.
* Mr. Wurman asserts it is possible to follow an idea on a path through all knowledge.

Yates, Frances. The Art of Memory. Chicago, University of Chicago Press [1966].
* The problem of organizing information is nothing new.
Giordano Bruno's 16th Century theorizing is the ancestor of Yahoo <>
and the Junk Yard of the Net.

* Return to One-Trick Pony.
* Pertinent WWW Sites.