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Downtown: The Great Fire

From the Chronicle.

Below we have given a list of the sufferers by the fire, so far as we have been able to ascertain them. We do not give the amount of losses, as it is impossible as yet to ascertain them with any degree of correctness.-- The losses of different individuals and companies vary from a small amount to $200,000. Many have lost $20,000, $30,000 and so on to $60,000 and $80,000.

The Monongahela Bridge, which was built at a cost of more than $100,000, was totally destroyed in ten minutes, and some who watched it say in even less than this short [...] the largest and most splendid hotel in the west--with all its furniture, (building and furniture costing at least $200,000,) is in ashes. [The] Western University, a large stone structure on Third st, was totally destroyed. The Globe Cotton Factory, owned by J. Wood and Co. The Fireman's Insurance Office. The Mayor's Office, Tombs, Merchants and Board of Trade Reading Rooms, its files and valuable library, Philo Hall, all in one building. Bank of Pittsburgh. Chronicle office. Exchange Offices of Messrs. [S...and] Jones, Allen Kramer, and Wm. A. Hill.-- Merchants' Hotel, Wood Street.-- Eagle Hotel, Third street. Glass Works of Bakewell and Pears.-- Foundries of Messrs. J. Anderson and Son, J. Livingston, (and Scale Factory also.) New [and] extensive Steel Works and coach spring manufactory of Messrs Jones & Quigg, just about going into operation.-- Rolling Mill and Nail Factory of Messrs. Freeman & Co., Kensington, called the "Dallas Iron Works." Glass Works of Messrs. Miller & Co. American Hotel, corner of Third & Smithfield sts. Smithfield Hotel, corner of Second and Smithfield sts. Murdock's, Hughes' and Wilson's taverns, and the Wm. [Tell] tavern on Water st. Associate [Reformed] church on Fourth st. Baptist Church, corner of Grant and Third sts. Wood's Brewery. Robertson and Reppart's Oil Mill. African Methodist Church, Front st. Scotch Hill Market House. Fulton's Bell and Brass Foundry.-- Custom House. [Gwy...] & Edey's Lard Oil Factories. [...] Rubber Factory of J. G. Morgan.

Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants.
M. Allen & Co., Water. Atwood, Jones & Co, Water. A Beelen, [Front.] John Bell, Smithfield. J W [Butler], Front st. W H Campbell & Co, Front st. George Cochran, Wood st. S Cuthbert, Wood st. [Jacob] Forsyth & Co, Water st, damaged. King & Holmes, Wood st. L. Hutchison & Co, Water st. W & F Kelly, Front st. Peter Peterson, cor. Front and Smithfield sts. Poindexter & Co., Water st. J. W. Burbridge & Co., Water st. Church & Carothers, water st. Wm P Young, water st. Isaiah Dickey & Co., wood st. Hailman, Jennings & Co., wood st. Joshua Hanna, water st. Wm Holmes & Co., corner Market and Front st. W J Howard & Co., wood st. M B Rhey & Co., water st. Robertson & Reppert, 2nd st. S F Von Bonhorst, Front st. L & J D Wick, cor. wood and water sts. Williams and Dilworth. wood st.-- Wm Wilson, wood st. G A Berry, Black & McKee, wood st. [Oliver] Blackburn, water and Smithfield sts. J G Davis, water st. English, Gallagher & Co., wood st. H. [L...] wood st. Tassey & Best, wood st. J P Hanna, wood st. Samuel Keller, Front st. J Parke & Co., 2nd st. R D Miller, Market st. Clark & Thaw.

Retail Grocers.
J W Baxter, Front and Smithfield st. F Bauders, Smithfield st. P C Martin, water st. Van Kirk & Co., water st. Smithfield Street, George Williams, John Green, J G Risher, J H Gallagher, J Jones, A Kirkwood, J N Bausman, John Forsyth, Rankin & Coltart, W Perkins, W Armstrong, G Fry & Sons, Jas Black.-- Alex Day, 4th st. W Glenn, Ross st. T W Scaife, Wood st. [..., Ross st. Wilson...cor. Ross and 2nd. J Dugan,] cor. Grant and 2nd . J. [...] Grant and Third st. W [Cannon...] 2nd and Cherry Alley. [Robert] M'Cran, cor. 3d st. and Cherry Alley. E. Upstil, Smithfield st. Peter [...way], cor. Ferry and 2nd st. [John] Lawton, Market st.

Ogden & Snowden, wood and [2nd] sts. E. Fendrick, water and Smithfield sts. Jona Kidd & Co, wood & 4th sts. H H McCullough, wood & 4th sts. J Schoonmaker & Co., wood st. R E Sellers, wood st.

Wholesale and Retail, Dry Goods Merchants.
G and E Arthurs, cor. Grant and [2nd] st. Wm Bell and Sons, wood st.-- Murphy, Jones and Wilson, [...] Semple and Barker, wood st. James Black, wood st. J Robinson, [Third...] and Cherry Alley. Mrs. [Greer], Grant st.

Oil Manufactories.
M Edey, Market st. J S [G...] 2nd st.

Hardware Merchants.
Wood st--James M Cooper, [C...] and Cameron. A Henderson and [...] Nelson and Morgan, Manufacturers, T Cartwright, Walker and [Wood...] partially.

Queensware Merchants.
Henry Higby, wood and Front [sts.] James Park and co., 2nd street.

Booksellers, Stationary, aud [Periodical] Stores.
Johnston & Stockton, Market st. [C...] Kay, Wood street. J. W. Cook, [Periodical] office, Fourth street.

Wool Merchants.
J. J. Gray, Wood street.

Paper Stores.
Holdship and Browne, Wood street. J. Howard & Co., Wood street.

Confectioners and Bakers.
J. Lafery, Water street, J. Wolf, Grant street. J. Black, Fourth and Smithfield. J. H. & H. Carless, Water street. John M'Cormick, Second street and Cherry al. A. Fogle, Second street. Davis Johnson, Market street.

Iron and Nail Manufacturers.
Stockton & Co. First street Spang & Co. Water street Bailey, Brown & Co., Water street. Bissell Semple & Stephens, Third street. Edward Hughes, Wood st. Lorenz & Sterling, Wood street. Shoenberger & Co., Wood street. Lyon, Shorb & Co., Wood and Water. Kensington Mill. Wood, Edwards & M'Knight, Wood street, J. A. Stockton, Front street.

John Anderson & Son, Water street W. T M'Clurg, Wood street. Robinson & Minis, Wood street. S Cuthbert, Wood W. R Livingston.

Shovel Manufactures.
Nelson & Morgan, Wood Street. Jacob Berger and Son, Wood street.

Cotton Factories.
Woods, Poindexter & Co., Globe Factory Ferry and Second.

Chandlers and Soap Boilers.
B C Sawyer & Sons, Wood street [...] J Wilson, cor. Second and Ross.

Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Manufacturers.
John Dunlap, Market Street. Howard & Rogers, Wood street. Kean & Keller, Front street. J. T. Kinkaid, Second st. John M'Williams, Wood street. Wm. B. Scaife, Wood street. Sheriff & Shirk, Market street.

Iron Safe Manufacturers.
John Denning, Third street. Constable & Burke, Second street.

Glass Manufacturers.
Bakewell & Pears, Wood & 2d street. Curling, Robertson & Co., Front & Market. M. & R. H. Sweeny, Wood street. C. [Ihmsen], Third street. [S. M Kee] & Co 2d street.

Comb, Brush [Fancy and Variety Stores].
[... Arbuthnot, Wood street. J. Kennedy & Co., Wood street. Geo. Beale, cor. 2d and Market streets. Geo. Beale, Wood street. Gillespie & Co., Wood street. J. T. Morgan, Fourth street Wm. C. Wall, Fourth street. Kuhn & Grieves, Wood street.

Wholesale and Retail Boot and Shoe Stores.
George Allen, Wood street. M'Curdy & Loomis, Wood street. J. Bates, Wood st. George M'Clean, Water street. H. Perry, Fourth street. B. Perry. Wood street. J. Rutledge, Wood street. H. Eshnend, Third street. J. Findley, Grant street. J. Kinzer, Grant street. J. Campbell, Water street. C. Koehler, Front Street. J. Miller, Third street. D. M'Glone. Grant street. James Polan, Front and Ferry sts. N. Shaw, Smithfield street. W. Closey, Fourth street. D. Clark Market street. Wm. M'Cowen, Market street T. Graham, Smithfield street, T. Rose, W. Steel 4th street. Wm. Dunn, Third street ---- Kelly, Third street. Wm. Hubbard, Third street. ---- Ternan, Fourth street. P. Walder, Wood street. Wm. Young, Second street. J. Phips, Third street. ---- Malone, Grant street.

Hotels and Coffee-Houses.
Monongahela House, Water and Smith'd. Merchants' Hotel, Third and Wood. American Hotel Third and Smithfield -- Scotch Hill Hotel, Grant Street. South Ward House, Grant Street. Wm. Tell House, Water street. Pennsylvania Hotel, Second and Ross. Western Exchange Market street. F. Hughes' Tavern, Water street. Bull's Head tavern Second street Union Hall, Water street. American Star, Third street. Eagle Hotel, Third street. L. Sahl's Tavern, Wood street. Rialto Frankling House, Third street. Smithfield. W. Carrol, Water street. ---- Copper, Water street. W. Davis Smithfield street. H. Landwher, Market street. Geo. Beale, Market street. Col. W. Diehl Market street. J. G. Carliss. Water st.

Bell and Brass Founders.
John Dixon & Co., Cherry alley. A. Felton, Second street. M. McDonald, Third street. Sheriff and Gallaher, First street.

White Lead Manufacturers.
Ogden & Snowden, Second street, Gregg & Eaton Front and Wood. H. & J. Phillips, Wood street.

Medical Agencies.
Alexander Jaynes, Third street.

Livery Stablee.
J. & J. Homes, Third street. I. Fenlon, Front street. R & R H Patterson, Fourth street. [Rody] Patterson, Diamond Alley. Moses Blasdel, Third street.

Cabinet & Chair-Makers.
Davitt & Asper, Second street. J. M. Irwin, Fourth street. S. Bulford, Second Street J. R. Heartley, Fourth street, E. [J...] Fourth street. M. Kane Jr. Third street. Lemon & Powers, Fourth street. A. Milliken Smithfield street John McFarland, Second street Alex. McCurdy, Third street. Geo. Singer, Fourth street. M. Tindle & Co., Second street. Horatio Young, Third street. S. Allinder, Second street. J. Lowry, Second street. J. and
J. W. Woodwell, Third street.

 do.             do.        

Geo. D. Bruce, Smithfield street. Thomas Burrell, Third street. Samuel Dilworth, Second street, Jacob Dimmet, Second street. E. Edrington, Fourth st. T. H. Fowler, Third street. George Hays, Grant Street. H. Wright, Grant st. S. R. Homes, Second street J. P. Tibbets Second street.

Barbers and Hair-dressers.
John Curtis, Third street. A. Ferguson. Monongahela House. Charles Jones Third street. J. B. Vashion, Third street. Z. Kane Grant street. C. Archer Smithfield street Geo. Gardner, Jr. Smithfield st., H. Vashon, Third st, I. Anderson. Wood street, P. Blackson, Wood street D Jones Water street.

T Sanders, smithfield st., H Mason, Front do., T Arnold 2nd do.

[...Lynd] & Bickley; Wood st.

Merchant Tailors and Clothing Stores.--
Water st., Cooley & Laird S Shoyer; Fourth st., Wm. Reed and Wm. Seely; Wood st., D. [Bruckocher], S Stoner, W Leonard; Second st., David Kinkead, W Whitaker; Smithfield st., J Green, J McFarland, A Ferguson, I Williams, A Petrie, G Hildebrand, P Owens; Third st. Wm. B. Roatch & Son.

Exchange Brokers.--
A Kramer Wood and Third st., W A Hill, Wood st., Sibbett & Jones Wood and 4th st.

R C Townsend, I Wickersham, Market st.

Boarding Houses--
Third st., F R Dravo, Mrs. Brown; Grant st., E A [Atterbury], P Ingoldsly, Mrs Morford; Front st., J Craighead; Second st., Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Jacobs, F G Rook; Fourth st., Mrs. Hettich, Mrs Oliver; Ferry st., Mrs Hagan.

C Barnett Fourth st. N Bigley, Water st, R. Jackson, Third st.

Wm Noble, E [Edmundson], Wood st.

Newspaper Offices--
Daily Morning Chronicle, Iron City, Counterfeit Detector, Fourth st.; Presbyterian Advocate, Protestant Unionist; The Preacher, Third st.

Literary Societies.--
Marshall Institute, Baldwin Institute, Market st., Franklin Institute, Tilghman Society Fourth st.

Tobacco and Segar Manufacturers--
W G Alexander, Ed M'Ginley Water street; E Day Wood st.; C F Kuhn Front st.; Wm V Diehl 4th st.; G Wilson Market st.; H C Marthens Smithfield st.

Second st., Lowry & [Barbin], Wallace and Wood, H Hunter.

Coach and Wagon Makers.--
Neil M'Ilwaine Fourth st.; Robert Reddick Grant st.

Wm Trovillo 4th st. J W Woodwell 3d st.

Hat, Cap, and Fur Stores.--
Wm Douglass, [J] Hall, S Moore B. M'Lain, Sam'l West, J M'Kain Wood st., C. L. Magee Market st., A Nardi 4th st.

Watch and Clock Makers--
A [Ambler] Smithfield st, T Perkins Market st., S Seymour Smithfield st., W Smith corner of Market and 2nd st.

D Sutton Distiller, 1st st. Holt and Maltby Oyster Depot 3d st. Orrin Newton Whitesmith, 2nd st. ---- Adams, Gas-fitter, 3d st. ---- Mansell, Gunsmith.

Job Printers.--
Fourth st. Whitney Dumars & Wright, J M'Millen, J. Grant; Third st., J B Butler.

Book Binders--
Johnson & Duval, Wood and Third sts.

T J Fox Alden, T H Baird, N Buckmaster, J Callan, T [I] Bigham, W S Courtney, Eyster & Buchanan, McGraw & McKnight, Walter Forward, G P Hamilton, Judson & Flanegan, J Knox, Loomis & Metcalf, A W Marks, Ritchie & Wyle, W O'H Robinson. J A Wills, H Toner, A Kirk Lewis, J J Mitchell, A Hamilton, W Darlington, A Burke, W E Austin, J D Biddle, A Burke, J Christy, A J Cline, C Darragh, Dunlap & Sewell W Elder, Gilmore and Perkins, C M Hays, S Kingston, Mahon & Washington, McBride & Robinson, R Patterson, Robb & McConnell, G S Seldon, R Woods, R Porter, J G Reed, Chas G Smith, R Biddle, T Donnelly.

Dwelling Houses.
[...A Cochran...B...] Bakewell, M Tindle, Rev. Mr Bryan, S Horner, W Douglas, W Christy, J A Bartram, J Stewart, J Tomlinson, L T Childs, E J Roberts, Richard Biddle, Col J Ross, Dr Tibbetts, S McClurken, A Brown, J Phipps, D. Kinkead, J Kennedy, Dr T H Fowler, T Phillips J N Jones W Eichbaum, R P McCurdy, D R Jacobs, Dr Werneberg, Dr Holmes, S R Johnson, Arthur Toner, Mrs Ward. D. Jones. Allen Kramer, J McCurdy, J D Wick, Geo Anshutz, J Fritchman.

Third Street.--
P S Berford, M. F Irwin, J Thaw, J B Morehead, M. Kane, D Grant, J M'Ilroy, M Rogers, W J Howard, (Mayor.) S West, L Rodgers, J Miles, Dan'l Robinson, T MKown, W C Robinson, George Singer, J Miller, T Rowe.

Fourth St.--
W Elder, A Millar, Reade Washington, W E [Austin], A Bonnaffon, H Stevenson, J C [D...], J J Kuhn, J W Daily, Dr Edrington, Mrs Murry, A Burke, W M Wright, Rev. M. Bird.

Smithfield Street.--
E. Merrit, J K Henderson, A Fulton, F. [Banders], Dr Bruce, J W Woodwel, S [Baisley], E M Beach, Mrs. L. Young, J Thaw.

Water Street.--
Josiah King, R. Christy, Mrs. Savage.

Ross Street.--
R. Robb, A. Jaynes.

Grant Street.--
Thos. Simmons, R. A. Bausman.

Diamond Alley.--
Rody Patterson.

There were about 600 others.

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